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The government of Pakistan must take immediate measures to protect the privacy of citizens, halt plans for mass surveillance

By Bytes for All, Pakistan (November 2015, APC )

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APC's priorities for the 10th Internet Governance Forum, Brazil, 2015

By APC (November 2015, APC )

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Jakarta Recommendations on Freedom of Expression in the Context of Religion

By Participants of Expression, Opinion and Religious Freedoms in Asia (June 2015, )

The Jakarta Recommendations are the outcome of discussions at a regional consultation on Expression, Opinion and Religious Freedoms in Asia, held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 3-5 June 2015. Over 140 people, comprised of experts, including the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, as well as human rights defenders and civil society activists from across Asia, participated in the regional consultation.

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WSIS+10: Joint civil society comments on the zero-draft

By 46 civil society organisations (October 2015, APC )
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APC's Comments on the WSIS+10 Zero Draft

By APC (October 2015, APC )
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Facts on #TakeBacktheTech

By APC (October 2015, APC )

Since Friday, 9 October 2015, a mounting online attack has been launched against the Twitter hashtag #TakeBacktheTech and associated initiatives. The attack against APC and Take Back the Tech and efforts to hijack the #takebackthetech hashtag, which has involved people who self-associate with #Gamergate posting threats targeting members of our community and images that depict women being subjected to physical and sexual violence, illustrate how women’s and girls’ voices are silenced on social networking platforms by violent and sexist expression.

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Take Action for #TakeBackTheTech and #ImagineAFeministInternet

By APC WRP (October 2015, APC )

On 9th of October 2015, misogynists, trolls and a variety of people who associate with the #Gamergate hashtag decided to occupy and corrupt the #TakeBackTheTech and #ImagineAFeministInternet hashtags by posting thousands of anti-feminist and misogynistic tweets and memes. This attack is the response to a tweet chat organised by the Internet Governance Forum Best Practice Forum on Countering Online Violence and Abuse, to discuss the impact of such violence. This online attack against feminist activism online is deliberate, planned and coordinated, and it’s only one example of the attacks that feminists face online.

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