Statements & positions

Statements, positions and contributions from APC

APC input for the CSTD WSIS Progress Report 2016

By APC (January 2017, )
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Submission to the CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation from the Association for Progressive Communications

By APC (December 2016, APC )
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APC's priorities for the 11th Internet Governance Forum, Guadalajara, 2016

By APC (December 2016, APC )

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Organisations condemn the abuse of power by the police in raiding the office of EMPOWER

By APC, Bytes for All, Pakistan and Digital Empowerment Foundation (December 2016, APC )

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#KeepitOn: Joint letter on the internet and the election in Gambia

By Various (November 2016, )

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Crackdown on Bersih 2.0: APC condemns relentless attacks on freedom of assembly in Malaysia

By APC (November 2016, )
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APC remarks on matter concerning allegations of sexual harassment by specific staff members of an APC member organisation

By APC Board of Directors (November 2016, )
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