South Korean civil society statement on NETmunidal

SEOUL 6 May 2014 (Jinbonet)

This statement, supported by APC member in South Korea Jinbonet, observes that NETmundial was “a successful experiment, providing a cornerstone model for making internet public policy decision-making processes more transparent, democratic and cooperative,” despite its shortcomings.

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Turn an idea into action: Clap to Take Back the Tech!

6 May 2014 (FF for APCNews)

City-level Take Back the Tech! exchanges on strategic, creative use of tech for community-based solutions will bring together unusual suspects to share experiences and expertise in order to develop creative tech solutions to complicated issues of safety, spaces and gender. Support us by applauding this idea and help it make it to the challenge shortlist!

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People Links digital gathering discusses tech-related violence against women

5 May 2014 (

People Links is a monthly online gathering hosted by APC member May First/People Link, for members and open to the public. On 27 March they hosted a discussion on technology-related violence against women and the tensions that exist between combating hate speech and the right to freedom of expression.

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APC statement on NETmundial

JOHANNESBURG 30 April 2014 (APCNews)

NETmundial was a remarkable and historic event. To give it its due and build on it going forward, in this assessment we acknowledge its achievements as well as its flaws.

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Association for Progressive Communications (APC) statement on NETmundial

(April 2014, APC )
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Nominations deadline for the global award to recognise projects promoting FLOSS extended till May 8

PRAGUE 30 April 2014 (KN for APCNews)

Nominations deadline for APC Chris Nicol FLOSS prize, a global award to recognize outstanding FLOSS initiatives, has been extended till May 8. The award recognises initiatives that are making it easy for people to start using free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), and it will be awarded to a person or group doing extraordinary work in this area.

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You do have a choice: APC organises TakeBackTheNet! event

26 April 2014 (APC for APCNews)

This 4-5 June, human rights advocates and transformative technology providers will meet in Barcelona to discuss solutions to today’s climate of internet-enabled human rights violations, at a one-of-a-kind event organised by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). One year after the Edward Snowden revelations, it is time that social change activists TakeBackTheNet! and exercise their choice to migrate to transformative technologies that respect their rights.

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Civil society closing statement at NETmundial 2014

SAO PAULO 25 April 2014 (BestBits )

A statement was read at the end of the NETMundial which expressed the disappointment of several civil society organisations present with the outcome document, and especially with the lack of acknowledgement of net neutrality and lack of sufficient denunciation of mass surveillance.

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#NETmundial officially kicks off

A selection of tweets from the first official day.


First impressions of #NETmundial

Civil society representatives are gathered together to coordinate their strategy towards NETmundial.


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