Global was awarded the Juana Manso Prize 2006

ROSARIO, ARGENTINA 3 April 2006 (Nodo TAU)

On Wednesday March 8, an awards ceremony took place at the Municipal Bank Auditorium in the city of Rosario, Argentina. The jury – made up of several different women from the university of Rosario, the municipality and the press – decided to present the Juana Manso award to in the digital journalism division. "This is such a great recognistion for our team of citizen journalists" expressed Flavia Fascendini of the enREDando communication team.

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Sites of resistance: Why our blogs matter

Cambridge, USA

A Guardian article yesterday said that there are 240,000 feminist blogs on the internet. A few of their creators were present on an excellent panel at today’s WAM! conference.

48 died and hundreds homeless – FM Radios responsible for disaster


This is horrific tale of two illegal FM Radio stations causing sectarian violence in Khyber Agency, some 40 kilometers from Peshawar, the capital of NWFP province in Pakistan.

Colombia: Transparency is possible

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA 31 March 2006 (Colnodo)

Can the internet become an effective tool for efficiency and transparency in municipal management? APC member, Colnodo of Colombia is successfully carrying out two programmes aimed at local governments. In this article, Colnodo tells us about its participation in the Internet Project for Accountability and the Met@logo Project.

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Is it possible to control international financial institutions through the internet?


The annual coordination meeting of IFIwatchnet took place March 7th-9th in Montevideo, Uruguay. The meeting was organised by the project’s current coordinator, APC member, ITeM (Third World Institute). The members of the executive committee and regional outreach coordinators participated in this encounter.

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Making noise, making change: Women journalists get together in Boston this weekend

Montevideo, Uruguay

You know what happens nowadays when you get find yourself on a list you didn’t ask to join. You feel your blood pressure rise and you send a restrained yet cutting message to the list-admin person asking to be removed immediately. Last year, I started getting messages from a list called [WAM!]. What the F*&&*^%&*?? I seethed. Until I started reading the subject lines, and then the mails, and that was it, I was hooked. WAM! has become the one list that I now stop work to read when a new post comes in. And now Erika from the APC women’s programme and myself are off to our first ever WAM! conference. We’ll be blogging live (we hope!).

Training Workshop on Rural Knowledge Center: How to Get Started and Keep Going in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

For fostering the rural prosperity, all over the developing world a new concept of Rural Knowledge Centers (RKC) has been emerged through which villagers can proceed towards poverty alleviation by increasing their household income. Right at this moment, in Bangladesh not more than 10 such kinds of centers are operating and it of course falls far behind the requirement.

UNESCO's Education for All Programme - Put ICTs into Practice


"Progress towards the EFA goals is steady, but too slow in terms of the target dates, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, South and West Asia, and the Arab States" the report emphasizes…

aAqua, taking a harvest of IT solutions to the Indian farmer

PUNE, INDIA 24 March 2006 (FN)

APC member in South Asia, BytesForAll took part in the Baramati Initiative 2006 (, a meet meant to promote ICTD in rural India, in March. This year’s theme was ICT-in-agriculture. From there, APCNews files a report on an interesting website.

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A computer for Africa, will it work?

KADUNA, NIGERIA 24 March 2006 (FN)

A computer that’s encased in wood to resist tropical temperatures and consumes thirty times less electricity than the standard PC? The “Solo” a unique computer that fights rural Africa’s heat, dust and unreliable power supply is being tested in Nigeria and will be ready for commercial production shortly. APCNews interviews Ochuko Onoberhie, a technician from APC member the Fantsuam Foundation, responsible for testing the Solo.

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