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Caracas, Venezuela

One of the most stimulating opportunities for democratising communications offered by the internet was discussed in the “Radio and internet: the great technological challenge” workshop, organised by the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela. The activity was moderated my Santiago Garcia, technical consultant of the non-governmental organisation Passionate Radio Broadcasters out of Lima, Peru.

Getting grounded

Caracas, Venezuela

The role of the WSF is to help us ask the right questions when we return home.

Impressions of the WSF in Caracas – Frédéric Sultan

Caracas, Venezuela

Regarding the initiative of launching a continental campaign for information rights, I’ve got the impression there is a real integration of all of the Americas. And you’ve got the chance to have Telesur, a true international alternative television. What’s interesting too is to hear the voices of people from North America. So it’s not something isolated, it’s definitely a continental initiative, and not only sub-continental.

Frédéric Sultan – Vecam, France

Another workshop is possible

CARACAS, Venezuela

If you’ve ever seen six degrees of separation you may remember the scene where Stockard Channing keeps repeating chaos, control, chaos, control, you like, you like? as she flips a two-sided painting back and forth (I think it’s a Kandinsky). I can think of no better way to illustrate the World Social Forum. It’s both and neither.

APC project contributes to Kenya ICT policy approved by Cabinet

GOA, INDIA 26 January 2006 (APCNews)

For the last few years, APC has been working closely with other organisations and a large group of Kenyan civil society organisations and business to transform the national ICT policy. At last, a national ICT Policy has made it all the way!

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From pre to post capitalist society and we haven't even had lunch yet!

Caracas, Venezuela

A little something for everyone at the World Social Forum…

Different kind of plane ride


Just getting to the World Social Forum one knows that another world is possible. On the plane from Atlanta most passengers – if not all – were heading to the WSF. This led to a different kind of plane ride. Without even mentioning reading material – Mother Jones and a Venezuela Primer instead of Time and Dr. Phil – people on the plane were just different – they were in better moods, interested instead of agressive, talking instead of blackberrying, and of course many many nalgene bottles. Two hour delay? No problem. Smiles all around… There are worse things. We all looked at each other secure in the knowledge that even though we didn’t know each other we knew who we all were.

APC study on developing country and non-governmental actors' role in WSIS

GOA, INDIA 24 January 2006 (APCNews)

APC is undertaking a study of the participation of ‘developing’ countries and non-government actors — including civil society — in the recent World Summit on the Information Society and its associated fora, such as the Task Force on Financing Mechanisms and the Working Group on Internet Governance. It is being coordinated by Professor David Souter, of ict Development Associates ltd and University of Strathclyde.

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Africa Source II makes befriending FOSS a real treat

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 24 January 2006 (Elizabeth Araujo)

Women’sNet’s training co-ordinator Elizabeth "Liz" Araujo writes that the recent Africa Source 2 event was set "against a beautiful Lake Victoria island backdrop, replete with sandy beaches, and fishing boats", and turned out to be a "smashing success". Held from January 8-15, 2006, the skills-packed practical workshop was aimed at introducing and exploring free/libre and open source software (FOSS) for non-profit organisations and local African communities. She says that what made this camp radically different from other technology-focused workshops was the almost natural seeming integration of novice, occasional user and high-end techie.

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Tinned food, water bottles and wi-fi connection for francophone Africa

DAKAR, SENEGAL 24 January 2006 (Vanessa Purper for APCNews)

It’s well known that the conventional "wired" connectivity to the internet can be really expensive and it doesn’t apply to every corner of the world. Some remote areas of the globe don’t even count with public telephone cabins or electricity. APC’s "Capacity building for community wireless connectivity in Africa" wants to reverse that scenario in reaching francophone Africa with a workshop held in Dakar, Senegal, from January 24-28 2006.

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