Legal restrictions on content are not helpful - Discussions around feminism, sexuality, technology and violence


APC’s Women’s Rights Programme convened a meeting on feminism, sexuality, technology and violence at Rutgers University Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights in the United States in November.

Bridging the gap between online and offline activism


Online activism needs to work in tandem with a bigger, offline campaign and complement offline action in order to achieve an impact.

This is the third in a series of posts reporting on the day-long “Connect Your Rights!” meeting held in Mumbai in November 2013. edition - GISWatch 2013 sets the agenda for women’s rights, gender and ICTs

13 December 2013 (

Women’s ability to set policy agendas is key to internet governance, and we work constantly to subvert existing power relations with It is also the focus of this year’s GISWatch, which covers in its latest edition.

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WHRD International Coalition and AWID launch recommendations to enhance the protection and security of WHRDs

11 December 2013 (WHRD IC and AWID for AWID)

In celebration of UN Human Rights Day this December 10th the Urgent Responses Working Group of the Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) International Coalition, in collaboration with AWID, released the Recommendations to Enhance the Protection and Security of WHRDs.

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WSIS+10: APC attends open consultation meeting

JOHANNESBURG 9 December 2013 (APCNews)

On 16 December APC will be presenting research findings on civil society perceptions around WSIS, as part of the third phase of the multi-stakeholder open consultation towards the WSIS+10 high-level event.

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Internet intermediaries and violence against women

9 December 2013 (Carly Nyst for

This series of blog posts was written by Carly Nyst, lawyer and director of Privacy International’s work in developing countries. It was produced as a part of APC’s project “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online”, exploring the responsibility of intermediaries to ensure that the internet is a space that empowers, rather than subjugates, women.

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Technology based violence against women research meeting and Internet Governance Forum in Bali

The technology-related violence on women research meeting took place in Bali, Indonesia from 19th to 21st October 2013.

Take Back the Tech: State surveillance violates our human rights, weakens democracy and the rule of law

This post is part of the Take Back The Tech campaign: Day 13 – State Surveillance

How do you define security? Can it be weighed against the right to privacy? What other fundamental human rights are at stake when privacy is violated, and which communities are most at risk?

Committee of UN General Assembly passes resolution on right to privacy

NEW YORK 5 December 2013 (AL for APCNews)

On 26 November, a committee of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on “privacy in the digital age,” which is already being used by human rights advocates to promote better legislation.

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APC at ICT and Development Conference 2013

CAPE TOWN 5 December 2013 (AG for APCNews)

The sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development will take place from 7-10 December in Cape Town, South Africa. APC members, members and partners will be attending. Find out more about our activities.

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