#FBrape campaign and the necessary debate

11 June 2013 (FF for

The “Take action to end gender-based violence on Facebook” campaign, or #FBrape campaign, co-signed by the APC Women´s Rights Programme, triggered interesting, timely, and necessary debates around freedom of expression, censorship, privacy, and intermediary liability. Read the collection of Feminist Talk discussions.

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The false paradox: freedom of expression and sexist hate speech

(Margarita Salas’ blog post for Feminist Talk) When we talk about freedom of expression we are within the paradigm of human rights. Human rights are indivisible, interrelated and interdependent, which means that the improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others and the deprivation of one right adversely affects the others.

New research suggests that governments may fake SSL certificates


This is a fragment of a blog post by Seth Schoen published on the EEF website

Today two computer security researchers, Christopher Soghoian and Sid Stamm, released a draft of a forthcoming research paper in

US government surveillance: Civil society calls on Human Rights Council

NEW YORK 10 June 2013 (AL for APCNews)

After recent revelations of surveillance of internet and telephone communications of US and non-US nationals by the government of the United States civil society calls on the Human Rights Council to act swiftly to prevent the creation of a global Internet based surveillance system.

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Event: State surveillance in the digital age: the implications for freedom of expression and the right to privacy

GENEVA 29 May 2013 (APCNews)

APC, together with Privacy International and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is hosting a side-event to the Human Rights Council on State surveillance and human rights on Tuesday, June 4.

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How funny is this, Facebook?

PERGAMINO 24 May 2013 (FF for APCNews)

“Take action to end gender-based violence on Facebook” is this campaign’s call that asks companies whose publicity appears on explicitly violent Facebook pages and profiles to help pressure the social networking platform to re-examine its response to violence against women and girls.

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Take Action To End Gender-Based Hate Speech on Facebook

Facebook has long allowed content endorsing violence against women.

Freedom of expression and hate speech continue to dominate internet rights discourse at UPR

21 May 2013
BOGOTA 21 May 2013 (APC) -


Between 22 April and 3 May 2013, the UN Human Rights Council held the 16th session of its Universal Periodic Review.

World Telecommunications/ICT Policy Forum: Closing statement by civil society

17 May 2013 (AL for APCNews)

From 14-16 May the World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum took place in Geneva. APC and other civil society representatives presented a closing statement calling on the International Telecommunication Union and all participating governments to ensure transparency, openness and inclusivity in their policy processes. Read the statement.

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Last Month to apply for ECOSOC consultative status in order to be considered by the 2014 NGO Committee (Deadline: 1 June 2013)

1 June 2013 is the last day for non-governmental organizations to apply for Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative status in order to have an opportunity to take part in UN deliberations.

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