A Vision for the Community Use of Digital Television Spectrum

DHAKA, Bangladesh

Community television bridges difference, taking grassroots stories and issues to a wide audience and ensuring that our diverse communities are visible and accessible.

Digital free-to-air television will do more. It will deliver niche programming, educational resources, local information and access to cultural heritage. For these services to emerge, a full digital channel must be made available for community use.

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Asia ICT Policy Meet: Asia ICT Policy is Rising !

DHAKA, Bangladesh

As my preparations are underway for reaching Dhaka for the APC ICT Policy Meeting, alot of FOSS activity is going around within Pakistan as well as around the globe. Its a very busy year for all of us FOSS Advocates, Journalists and Researchers. Its good to see APC’s involvement in the South Asian region and it would be great to contribute and co-ordinate APC activities in the region.
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Asia ICT Policy Meet: Comment by Jehan of the Pakistan Software Association

DHAKA, Bangladesh

Hi everyone, I know I have been conspicious by my absence from any discussions or comments. Apart from my chaotic schedule, I guess I am slightly overawed at being included in a group of people who have accomplished so much in the area of ICT4D. Yes, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

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Dhaka Workshop: Issues Coming Out of the Open Space Sessions

Dhaka, Bangladesh

So today, we started the APC Asia ICT Policy Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The latter half of the morning and the earlier part of the afternoon was spent in OST (Open Space Technology) to give the participants the opportunity to determine which issues and topics they wanted to spend time discussing…

South Asia, ICT policy and a consultation....

DHAKA, Bangladesh

On a day where thundershowers were predicted in the city — and some street protests — the APC’s regional consultation on ICT policy in South Asia got underway on April 19, 2005 at the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka. The event is hosted by the Bangladesh Friendship Education Society (BSES) in a scenic part of the city, where you can come across some tall buildings with a whole lot of antennas on the roof.

GenderIT en español: A brand new portal catalyses women’s voices in political sphere


Exactly one year after the successful introduction of – the gender and information and communication technology (ICT) Policy Monitor in English – the APC WNSP now presents GenderIT en español, the Spanish counterpart of the monitor with original resources and coverage in Spanish, as well as in Portuguese.

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Cyberlinks to Dhaka

Kolkata, INDIA

Here’s the site that focuses on tomorrow’s meet at Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. And here’s the mailing list dealing with the subject. Gotta run, or I’ll miss getting there….

Getting to Dhaka

Kolkata, INDIA

India is also getting networked as never before. But that seems to be mainly for the middle classes. Some musings en route to Dhaka for the APC Asia ICT Policy Meet, to be held in mid-April 2006 at the Bangladeshi capital.

New report from Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden

A report from the workshop “Post-WSIS and Uganda’s Way Forward” (arranged by the Collegium for Development Studies at Uppsala University Sweden, I-Network Uganda, Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), with support from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications, Uganda) is now available as a pdf, 441kb.

WSF Karachi 2006: Are NGOs really devoted to social change?

BERLIN, Germany

A quite strong analysis by Taimur Rahman to be found here takes on international non governmental organisations (NGOs) head on. He digs into the concept of ‘civil society’, a concept often employed by the NGO comunity. He also challenges the notion of social change used rhetorically by NGOs, often, he believes, without truly acting as forces of social change.

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