APC-endorsed statement on war: For an immediate and unconditional cease-fire

3 August 2006
JERUSALEM 3 August 2006 () -

International appeal

Redefining local and global working spaces

TOULOUSE, FRANCE 3 August 2006 (AL for APCNews)

Uruguayan civil society has insisted on showing its successive governments that information and communication technology (ICT) related policies are a key issue in the country’s development that goes beyond expanding the software industry.

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Linking technology to the interests of citizens

QUITO. Ecuador

Dafne Plou, from APC Women’s Networking Support Programme, is blogging live from WALC 2006. WALC 2006 is a yearly workshop organised by APC member EsLaRed, that focuses on networking in Latin America and the Caribbean. After the technical sessions of the workshop which took place the 24th-29th of July in Quito, Ecuador, APC organised a Forum on Internet and Society. In this post, Dafne shares her impressions on the panel on e-government and citizen participation: “Convincing citizens of the efficiency of e-government is not easy,” she begins in her the blog.

From here to where? APC meet zooms in on FOSS in South Asia

DHAKA, BANGLADESH 1 August 2006 (FN for APCNews)

From here to where? And how? APC’s April Bangladesh consultation on communication policy, which brought in diverse people from across South Asia, helped to connect ideas that nudge forward ideals of freedom-in-computing in this populous part of the planet. One of the sessions that participants themselves felt the need to look at, are the critical issues facing free and open source software.

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Latin Mosaic

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL 31 July 2006 (Luísa Gockel)

With the objective of producing and disseminating relevant content on the Latin American reality from civil society’s perspective, Rits, in partnership with another eight South American organisations, launched the Social Mosaic information portal on July 5.

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A UN charter for digital identity ?

BERLIN, Germany

Hi everyone, Karen Banks sent me this article last week and I forgot to post it. It’s written by Jerry Fishenden and was posted on his blog ( on July 4, 2006. Talking about his attendance at the APC organised event at the London School of Economics in early July, he says: “I was invited to speak on a panel talking about the importance of privacy and security issues.”

Asia’s doors open only very slightly to community radio

DHAKA, BANGLADESH 28 July 2006 (APCNews)

AMARC Asia-Pacific is part of an international non-governmental organisation serving the community radio movement, with almost 3,000 members and associates in 110 countries. APCNews met with Suman Basnet earlier this year. The AMARC Asia-Pacific’s regional coordinator talks about his organisation and provides an poignant overview the challenges faced by community radio stations in Asia and the Pacific region.

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Playing games with computer education: ArabDev’s Menia initiatives

GOA, INDIA 27 July 2006 (FN for APCNews)

Gaming is very popular with the children and youth. So what better way is there to introduce computing and free and open source software (FOSS) to kids, than through fun didactic software?

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SAT3: What happens when national monopolies end, and what does this mean for regulators?

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 26 July 2006 (APC & others)

African regulators, policy advisors, operators, businesspeople, civil society delegates, and consumer lobby groups, amongst others, gathered to discuss the issue of Africa’s access to international fibre connectivity in Johannesburg, on 24th and 25th July 2006, have prepared a joint statement. Read the outcomes and the recommendations that stem from this landmark internet infrastructure workshop co-hosted by APC.

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Will women really benefit from the digital revolution?

DAKAR, SENEGAL 26 July 2006 (Sylvie Niombo)

The book “The Gender Digital Divide in Francophone Africa, a Harsh Reality” written by Marie-Helene Mottin-Sylla has just been translated into English by APC, the Association for Progressive Communications. On this occasion, Sylvie Niombo, Deputy Coordinator of APC’s Africa-Women network, interviewed Marie-Helene on the content of the book.

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