Security vulnerabilities at the IGF registration process

BALI 25 October 2013 (APCNews)

In this year’s edition of the IGF the security of the internet was discussed from the perspectives of the users, governments and business. Several times panelists insisted that cybersecurity starts at home and people need to be sensitised to that. Yet, there was a major security vulnerability in the registration process that nobody noticed or raised.

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Connecting Our Rights at IGF2013: Women and sexual rights defenders leading progress on equitable, inclusive internet policy

Bali, Indonesia

The human rights of women and sexual minorities are being increasingly impacted by the internet, not only through violence and discrimination, but through policies and legislation that do not recognise their specific contexts, concerns and capacities.

This was a key message coming out of the workshop hosted by APC’s CIPP and WRP, ‘Connecting Our Rights: Strategies for Progress’.

IGF cybersecurity fail: website leaks personal data with aid of participants

by Alex Comninos, 25 October 2013

When registering for the IGF, you may very well have exposed your personal data, including full name, ID/passport number to criminals, spies, intelligence agencies and dragnet surveillance programmes.

Snapshots of workshop 110 - Digital rights protection in Europe and LAC #IGF2013

Highlights from the speakers of the #IGF2013 opening session


Human rights were at the centre of the interventions of most of the speakers of the IGF opening ceremony explicitly, making the ones who didn’t became hard to ignore.

Miss Internet Bali: A huge step back for gender equality on internet governance

“Miss Internet Bali” and women's participation at the Internet Governance Forum 2013

BALI 23 October 2013 (APCNews)

Several national and international NGOs have endorsed this statement to APJII (Indonesian Internet Service Providers’ Association), where they express their concern on the “Miss Internet Bali” initiative as a flagship programme to promote safe, healthy and productive use of the internet amongst Indonesian society.

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PRESS RELEASE: Report calls for safer internet for women's and girls' rights

BALI 23 October 2013 (AL for APCNews)

This year’s edition of GISWatch, launched today at the eighth IGF in Bali, shows that gains in women’s rights made online are not always certain or stable. While access to the internet for women has increased their participation in the social, economic and governance spheres, there is another side to these opportunities: online harassment, cyberstalking and violence against women online, all of which are on the rise globally.

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