First impressions of #NETmundial

Civil society representatives are gathered together to coordinate their strategy towards NETmundial.


Conversation with Maureen James, Funding and Strategy Specialist at IFEX

Port Dickson

Maureen James is Funding and Strategy Specialist at the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) where she has been mobilising funds to support implementation of IFEX programmes and projects since 2003.

"Keep it open, baby": Building principles for a feminist internet

PORT DICKSON 22 April 2014 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

APC held a global meeting on gender, sexuality and the internet in Malaysia to explore and develop the collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like. One of the goals of the meeting was to find, within a sex-positive queer framework, an agreement on core feminist principles for a transformative internet, in order to develop a set of evolving Feminist Principles of the Internet. We invite you to look through some of the materials reflecting the debates that took place during the meeting.

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Women Weave the Web campaign launches phase 2 on digital literacy

22 April 2014 (APC for World Pulse)

Throughout phase 1 on digital access, the World Pulse community blew us away with incredible stories of women championing access to the internet and driving home the need for a free, open and universal web. World Pulse is now excited to announce the launch of the second phase of their campaign on digital literacy. World Pulse is crowdsourcing stories and solutions from grassroots women leaders on the importance of digital literacy. Share your story!

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New edition is out! Back and forth in the advancement of women's rights at CSW58

PORT DICKSON 17 April 2014 (Flavia Fascendini for

This edition addresses the negotiations and bargaining in agreements during the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58) around information and communication technologies and women’s rights, as well as the prospects for 2015, a key year for the women’s movement agenda. Despite the advances made, once again advocates had to focus their efforts on defending previous agreements instead of building on them for visible progress.

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Time to come out!: Pioneering women in history of technology


Many of our public spaces have been designed predominantly by men, and this includes online spaces. But many women have also led the way – creating innovative tools, connecting us to digital spaces and speaking out when we’re not included.

International civil society coordination meeting for NETmundial

QUITO 15 April 2014 (BestBits)

The meeting, a joint civil society strategy gathering independently organised ahead of NetMundial 2014, will be held in and all day 22 April in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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What does it take to create a feminist internet?



Panel on “Power, Politics and Agency” to #imagineafeministinternet


During the first day of the Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet which ocurred in Port Dickson, Malaysia, to explore the collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like, a panel on “Power, politics and agency” took place with the participation of Chat Garcia Ramilo from the Philippines, Joy

Sex and the internet: Intersectionality in internet rights


Why are internet rights important to sexual rights activists and why are sexual rights important to internet rights activists?

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