What's the point of the revolution if we can't tweet? Women Human Rights Defenders speak out

San Francisco

From the recent arrest of a Bahraini women’s rights activist over the content of her tweets to the threats made against Emma Watson after her speech to the United Nations, women who speak out for equality and justice too often face backlash and threats.

Syrian activist and blogger Razan Ghazzawi and Lebanese activist, blogger and APC’s EROTICS project coordinator Nadine Moawad were joined by Ka

APC at IGF 2014: A roundup of coverage, member reflections, launches and resources

MONTREAL 21 October 2014 (ET for APCNews)

The ninth Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul proved to be a space for activists, academics, policy makers, business leaders and civil society to stir the pot with ideas. APC played a key role in influencing internet governance around the world by leading and participating in more than a dozen workshops and side events with partners, decision makers and stakeholders. With talks on sex, rights and the internet, communications surveillance, public access and the digital age, here is a roundup of what went down at the annual global meeting in September 2014.

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Reflections on IGF 2014: Arturo Bregaglio, Radio Viva, Paraguay


Participating in the 2014 IGF in Istanbul opened up a wide range of opportunities for both my own organisation and for APC, including new possibilities for partnerships, cooperation and impact.

APC at IGF 2014: Bishakha Datta on the Feminist Principles of the Internet

MONTREAL 20 October 2014 (ET for APCNews)

Feminist activist and filmmaker Bishakha Datta of Point of View (India) helped draft the groundbreaking Feminist Principles of the Internet. An initiative of APC’s Women’s Rights Programme, this tool for advancing internet rights was launched at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2014. APC’s Elvira Truglia spoke to Datta during the IGF about the relevance of the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

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Update: Civil society organisations concerned about transparency of ITU Plenipotentiary

MONTREAL 9 October 2014 (Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

In a letter from dozens of concerned civil society organisations, clear steps may improve the transparency of the upcoming ITU Plenipotentiary conference. Scheduled for 20 October – 7 November in Busan, the conference has already taken some steps to open participation. As the ITU nears is 150th anniversary, stakeholders are asking it to do more to ensure transparency and inclusion. Read the letter and the ITU’s response.

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Open civil society letter on transparency at the ITU Plenipotentiary

By various (October 2014, Best Bits )
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Experts representing non-commercial interests weigh in on ICANN and human rights

7 October 2014 (Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

Earlier this year, the Council of Europe released a report on the application of human rights to ICANN. The Non-commercial stakeholder group (NCSG) and endorsing organisations, of which APC is one, have submitted comments on that report to raise concerns about the role of governments, ICANN’s legal status and the regulation of hate speech. Follow the link to read the NCSG report.

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Facebook: The king laid bare and the drag queens

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg recently suspended the profiles of drag queens whose pages were under their stage names.

Applications open for the Gender and Technology Pop-up Institute

3 October 2014 (Tactical Tech for APCNews)

Tactical Tech, in collaboration with the Association for Progressive Communications, are organising a 7-day event for up to 50 women and trans people to learn tools and techniques for increasing their understanding and practice in digital security and privacy and to become digital security trainers and privacy advocates. When? December 1-8, 2014. Where? Berlin, Germany.

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How crucial is anonymity for sexual exploration and promoting sexual rights activism


While the debate around anonymity rarely gets seen from a feminist angle, women go through this feeling of being watched online and offline every day of their lives. It happens so often and so persistently that it has increasingly become synonymous to the experience of being a woman.

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