Without communication, you're (economically) dead - Willie Currie


He was involved in broadcasting and telecom policy work in South Africa during the transition to democracy, and in the immediate aftermath of the 1990s establishment of the Mandela government. In the field of policy for the past 15 years, Willie Currie is now APC’s manager of the Communications and Information Policy Programme. In an interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh in April, he explains what the Association for Progressive Communications is concerned about and the important policy issues plaguing our times from an APC point-of-view.

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Wireless connection record in Venezuela: With the feet on the ground and the head in the clouds


A detailed study of Venezuela’s topography, a trip to Italy, some pieces of ‘public domain’ software, satellite dishes that cross mountains on all-terrain trucks, cables, generators. This is neither a capricious list nor are its elements surrealist digressions. The elements that we have just enumerated are part of an ambitious endeavour that recently became a reality: to break the world wireless connection record by establishing a 279 km long link.

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Workshop on the Management of International Networks for Knowledge Sharing


A brief report on the workshop I just attended in Switzerland, St. Gallen

A chat with Chat: “Getting women’s content online is a priority”

DHAKA, BANGLADESH 28 April 2006 (FN)

In between short gaps, and while waiting for the meetings – at the first APC-organised information and communication technology (ICT) policy workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh – to start, APCNews staff writer Frederick Noronha talks to APC’s women’s programme manager ‘Chat’ Garcia Ramilo about APC WNSP’s work, priorities and initiatives. ‘Chat’ took over the APC WNSP challenge in 2004 and works on the policy work of the Women’s Networking Support Programme.

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Software Piracy Crackdown or ICT Human Rights Violations?

FOSSFP, Pakistan

Where the Government in Pakistan, Intellectual Property Organization, Federal Investigation Authorities and the Business Software Alliance BSA are initiating a crackdown on Software Piracy in Pakistan, there is hardly any awareness of piracy and its implications within society apart from members of the IT Industry. It is crucial to the basic Human Rights of the citizens of Pakistan that they first be provided Anti-Software Piracy Literacy and trainings on Free and Open Source Software as an alternative to pirated software. ICT Software Freedom is their basic human right in the Information Society!

FMA rolls out research on seven ICT policy papers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES 26 April 2006 (Al Alegre and Nina Somera)

APC’s Manilla-based member Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) has initiated a research project aimed at producing seven policy papers. They seek to contribute to policy development in some of the most important areas within the Philippines’ information and communication technology (ICT) arena.

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“The Burden of The Struggle” - Engendering change in ICT policy

DHAKA, BANGLADESH 26 April 2006 (Cheekay Cinco)

Cheekay Cinco, member of APC WNSP, interviews Nancy Hafkin, woman pioneer of networking and ICTs development in Africa on her thoughts about the current gender and ICT policy environment. She reflects on the WSIS process and the recent Commission on the Status of Women, and articulates what is urgently needed to render visible the gender dimensions of ICTs at policy levels.

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21st century maxim: the personal is political in the Korean blogging world

DHAKA, BANGLADESH 26 April 2006 (FN)

“There’s power in getting people to talk. When voices get online, and can express themselves, this in itself unleashes a whole new chemistry.” Hana Kim – better known by her cyberidentity as ‘Dalgun’ – clearly understands the relevance of her work. Soft-spoken Dalgun is part of the APC-member Korean progressive network Jinbonet ( She talks about the tactics she is involved with to get youngsters to blog. APCNews has met her in Dhaka, Bangladesh in mid-April.

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Pakistan: Electronic Data Protection Act 2005 (Final Draft)


Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), a government entity has drafted “Electronic Data Protection Act 2005” by outsourcing the work to an individual Mr. Aslam Hayat Khan. As per PSEB, the proposed Act aims to prevent unauthorized access and theft of electronic data and to ensure intellectual property rights with regards to the processing of electronic data in Pakistan.

For South Asia, an intended FOSS bridge

GOA, India

Here’s an early initiative to flow out of the APC South Asia Consultation: BytesForAll has just launched a new mailing list, specifically focused on Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS, or FOSS). Details of the group are below. We invite all interested to join.

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