Womenspace in Korean cyberspace

DHAKA, Bangladesh

From Dalgun in South Korea, we get access to links to Korean feminism websites. From a feminism portal site, to an English-language site, and ones that give you access to community radio and webrings of feminist bloggers… there’s quite some diversity coming out here. Watch this space.

South Korea, where IPR fights A2K

SEOUL, South Korea

South Korea is seeing some conflicts between IPR and access to knowledge (or, A2K). Over-protection of IPR may hamper access to knowledge. It is unfair to use the copyright law to prevent the public use of digital libraries. vibrant and interesting. and hot!

MANILA, Philippines

Reporting about the heat and dust of India, a GEM workshop, the Taj Mahal… and some links to colourful photos of the place too.

BBC's documentary... and software freedom


Is Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FOSS) a make-do product for those who can’t afford better? Is it something suited for the ‘developing’ world alone? No, says Fouad Riaz Bajwa, a Pakistani FOSS advocate known as the “FOSS mullah” for his passionate commitment to the cause. He debates a recent two-part BBC documentary on FOSS, which he believes catches the bull by the tail.

The software challenge? How to popularise Indic solutions with users


Indian language computing solutions in free/libre and open source software is "doing fine" but needs better documenting and packaging. It also needs to find sufficient numbers of users. There is a lot of potential for regional, cross-country cooperation in this field in South Asia, a region in urgent need of solutions to its computing challenges. This interview with, the Delhi-based new media initiative, also self-defined as a "space for research, practice and conversation about the contemporary media and urban constellations", explores these challenges.

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Women'sHub: Taking ICT to women campaigners


From being a student activist to working with the word in the library, and getting involved in a wide range of campaigns, soft-spoken Mylene Soto has seen many things. Today, she’s part of APC member Women’sHub, a group that works for the promotion of gender equality amidst the alphabet-soup and geeky world of ICTs (information and communication technology). She joins Cheekay Cinco for this discussion on gender and ICTs in the Asian context.

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Free speech activist Alaa Seif Al-Islam detained by the Egyptian government


On Sunday May 7, free speech activist Alaa Seif Al-Islam – a pioneer Egyptian blogger – was arrested by the authorities of his country. Alaa, a colleague and friend of the APC community, with which he shared many encounters, is persecuted for organising protest activities against his government.

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Alaa - blog from the prison

Tora-Mahkoum Prison

Our colleague, Alaa Abdel El Fatah, is spending his fourth night in an

GEM and a Road Trip in the Indian Heat


APC Women’s Programme Coordinator, Chat Garcia Ramilo combines a gender workshop with a road trip in the Indian summer and gets a hot dose of Indian culture.

WSIS follow-up article on implementation

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM 10 May 2006 (Karen Banks, Willie Currie, Anriette Esterhuysen)

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process culminated with the Tunis Summit in November 2005 and we are now five months into the post-WSIS implementation phase. … But what does that mean in practice? What are the post-WSIS implementation processes, what actors are involved, when and where are they taking place and how can you get involved? The following ten-page overview sheds some light on these questions, as well as other questions civil society actors have, as we prepare for the first intensive series of post-WSIS panels, workshops and consultations scheduled in May and June 2006.

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