Paradigms are overrated

Grahamstown, South Africa

People use the Highway as a paradigm for the internet, but the African highway tends to ignore the pedestrians who must cross it.

What do you think of Al Jazeera?

Grahamstown, South Africa

What interested me was to find out whether African journalists have some perception or opinion about Al Jazeera based on views expressed in western media. To my surprise…

Some african women journalists still hand-writing


Bimbola Ayesola is a woman journalist working at The Sun Publishing Ltd, a

Let the people speak! Days of hope and optimism

Highway Africa, Grahamstown South Africa

Tracey Naughton started off the session on community media at the Highway Africa conference with an old recording of the African National Congress’s underground radio station. As the speakers crackled with an Mkhonto weSizwe song, delegates sat in silence.

Where are the Women? At home, not being assertive.

Highway Africa Conference Grahamstown, South Africa

I arrived with 3 other Association for Progressive Communications Africa Women project (AAW) delegates on Monday morning to attend the Highway Africa conference in a raining Grahamstown, South Africa. I looked at the conference programme for Highway Africa and saw that only 11 female speakers were listed out of fifty.

Why journalists are not writing about ICT

Highway Africa Conference, 2006,Grahamstown, South Africa

It emerged yesterday, that a lot of journalists are shying away from covering ICT news and projects because they do not understand the complex terminology and jargon used by ICT project teams.

Content generation is still a big challenge for African media

Grahamstown, South Africa

Four APC-Africa-Women Network members are attending the Highway Africa 2006 conference in Grahamstown. The conference started yesterday, September 11 2006, with a diverse group of journalists from the continent. This morning, we have participated in the plenary sessions that were quite interesting. During the sessions on the state of media in Africa this morning, a speaker raised issues African media face, which I found particularly important.

The APC Chris Nicol free software prize launch in Mexico City


Chris Nicol died last year and in August, we launched a free and open source software prize in his honour. Erika was at the launch, which was a real ‘family’ event.

Me, myself and i... the Summit

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 5 September 2006 (Andrew Garton)

C2O coordinator Andrew Garton critically reports on the iSummit 2006 that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between the 23 and 25 June. The 19-page PDF entitled "Me, myself and i… the Summit" presents, in a slick format, a rare amount of references from the open source and open content movements. It also takes an in-depth look at video content dissemination and licensing models. A must read to understand today’s copyright and copyleft issues.

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BETINHO PRIZE SPECIAL: MetaRecycling - "Noisy environments, unstable computers and curious people"

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES 5 September 2006 (AL for APCNews)

The Metarecyclers consider that computers are craft artifacts that must be creatively manipulated. They not only have displayed a natural vocation for experimentation, the finalists of APC’s 2005 Betinho Prize also populated recycling centres all over Brazil. APCNews reports on this open, free and self-organised movement from Brazil.

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