Equal Access on the Web

ATHENS, Greece

The workshop held on 1st of November under title Equal Access on the Web at the first Internet Governance Forum in Greece reminded us that as one of the panelists pointed out, IS stands not only for Information Society but for Inclusive Society as well.

Piracy, FLOSS, peer production, new models, innovation... a voice at the IGF

GOA, India

Of all the many bytes emerging out of Athens and the IGF, this one made the most sense to me: Piracy creates jobs, but [Free Software and] Open Source and Open Standards create opportunity, create entrepreneurs. And I think that’s the challenge for the href=“”>IGF as well, how to look at it is a public interest forum, the
Internet is a public space
, and how can we facilitate maximum sharing, maximum creativity, peer production, new models, innovation.
Anriette Esterhuysen, at the Internet Governance Forum, Athens, November 1, 2006

A (quiet) word on gender

ATHENS, Greece

Natasha Primo – executive director of South Africa-based WomensNet – was the only person to talk about gender issues at the plenary session this morning. She said she hoped the Forum would spell out
plans that had a significant impact on women. Read it all on the i-witnesses blog. This blog post and several others on this Panos-sponsored website is definitely worth checking out.

What academia's doing at the IGF

ATHENS, Greece

Jeremy Shtern from media@mcgill, a new "hub of research, scholarship and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology and culture" is on the spot in Athens to provide an overview of the discussions. I bumped into him today and asked him a couple of questions about academia at the IGF and about other impressions he’d be willing to share. Visit his latest report on the IGF.

Internet Governance Forum - What is it All About?

ATHENS, Greece

Internet Governance is a difficult concept to grapple with for many of us. Even those who have been keeping track of discussions on gender and the new information and communication technologies (ICTs). Naturally, people who know or who have heard about the Internet Governance Forum, are asking what this meeting is all about. Read the full article here:—e—1&x=94976

Setting the scene at IGF without gender perspective?

IGF Athens

The first IGF session entitled Multistakehoder Policy Dialogue / Setting the Scene, was facilitated by Kenneth Cukier and spectacularly ignored the question on gender and ICTs.

Accessibility for all, central to internet forum

ATHENS, GREECE 1 November 2006 (FD for APCNews)

Aside from ‘access to the internet’ – the single most important issue at this weeks first Internet Governance Forum – ‘accessibility’ follows suite in what is to be labelled “priority”. In fact, access to the internet deals with submarine fibre optic cables, gigantic satellite dishes and other infrastructure considerations. That has to come first. But when you break down the story of internet access to the personal level, what is needed, is a strong commitment towards getting women, underprivileged and people with disabilities on board.

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APC to IGF: Cyberspace should promote maximum sharing, creativity and innovation

GOA, INDIA 1 November 2006 (APCNews)

APC executive director Anriette Esterhuysen has told the Internet Governance Forum, meeting in Athens currently, that it has a duty play a much bigger role in spreading the sharing of ideas and encouraging innovation. Copyrighting and limiting the rights of teachers and learners in the developing world from share information would add only "limited value" to harnessing the internet for development, Esterhuysen said in the Greek capital.

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Who's saying what... and where?

GOA, India

Soenke Zehle wrote late on Oct 30: “I just added the official and unofficial IGF-Community feeds to the list of incom sources… seems that http:/ has emerged as meta-site for the IGF in Athens.”

Geert Lovink shot back on via this Incom-L discussion: “Thanks, Soenke. I wonder how many of us are in Athens right now. Are people blogging there? I read some articles about the summit on BytesForAll and was wondering if participants there were as pessimistic as this BBC guy Bill Thompson.”

Actually, here are the unofficial and official “blogs” for the IGF. But it’s happening so fast, it’s probably going to be difficult to keep track! And one can just imagine what the “mainstream media” — with their “space constraints” and filters — are going to be saying! Anyway, isn’t talking about media flows and control all old hat, and a 70s thing?

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