Digital Security – from silencing to claiming safe spaces

Cape Town

Discourses on issues of safety are not new to feminists. Strategies to resist sexual harassment in the office, verbal abuse on the streets, physical violence in the home, shaming in social spaces and sexualised threats to women human rights defenders are continually being revisited and reworked.

Video: Feminist talks on a feminist internet

12 May 2014 (FF and CT for

During APC’s Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet, where we explored our collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like, we asked participants to tell us their vision of a feminist internet. Watch the video!

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APC Member Meeting happening in Spain in June

12 May 2014 (APC for APCNews)

On 2-9 June 2014, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is holding its 12th face-to-face Member Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by APC member Pangea. APC’s Member Meeting is the most important gathering for the APC community, where organisational members, individual affiliates and staff come together to share learning, strengthen networking, assess progress and identify priorities in our strategic plan (2013-2016). During this event, APC organisational members will also elect APC’s Board of Directors.

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Take Back the Tech! survey for young people: Spread the word!

Can you imagine life without your mobile phone? Is hanging out online as important to you as going out with your friends? Then you’ve probably experienced, witnessed or heard about tech-related violence, from receiving annoying messages from strangers to being stalked or bullied on the internet.

Take Back the Tech!

Last Month to apply for UN ECOSOC consultative status to be considered by the 2015 NGO Committee

1 June 2014 is the last day for non-governmental organizations to apply for Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative status in order to have an opportunity to take part in UN deliberations.

South Korean civil society statement on NETmunidal

SEOUL 6 May 2014 (Jinbonet)

This statement, supported by APC member in South Korea Jinbonet, observes that NETmundial was “a successful experiment, providing a cornerstone model for making internet public policy decision-making processes more transparent, democratic and cooperative,” despite its shortcomings.

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Turn an idea into action: Clap to Take Back the Tech!

6 May 2014 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

City-level Take Back the Tech! exchanges on strategic, creative use of tech for community-based solutions will bring together unusual suspects to share experiences and expertise in order to develop creative tech solutions to complicated issues of safety, spaces and gender. Support us by applauding this idea and help it make it to the challenge shortlist!

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People Links digital gathering discusses tech-related violence against women

5 May 2014 (

People Links is a monthly online gathering hosted by APC member May First/People Link, for members and open to the public. On 27 March they hosted a discussion on technology-related violence against women and the tensions that exist between combating hate speech and the right to freedom of expression.

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APC statement on NETmundial

JOHANNESBURG 30 April 2014 (APCNews)

NETmundial was a remarkable and historic event. To give it its due and build on it going forward, in this assessment we acknowledge its achievements as well as its flaws.

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Association for Progressive Communications (APC) statement on NETmundial

(April 2014, APC )
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