Civil society coalition urges the US government to respect and promote the human rights of non-US persons

29 August 2013
NEW YORK 29 August 2013 (APCNews) -


When information about systematic surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA) was leaked to the press, President Obama’s first response was to offer reassurance that “This does not apply to U.S.

LAC IGF pre event: Working on internet rights in Latin America


Below is a presentation by APC’s Shawna Finnegan during a pre-event session leading up to the Sixth Regional Preparatory Meeting of the LAC Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Córdoba, Argentina on 26 August 2013.

“As the internet becomes ubiquitous, it is having a growing impact on the well-being of individuals aroun

Down with misogyny! Women empowered in safe online communications

PERGAMINO 22 August 2013 (FF for APCNews)

One of the outcomes of APC’s project “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online” is to strengthen in a sustainable way the institutional capacity of women’s rights organisations to address technology related VAW. As part of this work, between January and August 2013 over 100 women’s organisations were trained in how to use technology safely through secure online communications workshops and more than 600 women and men participated in awareness raising events.

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Speak up about IG issues important to you

NEW YORK 9 August 2013 (AL for APCNews)

Currently, the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation is circulating a questionnaire seeking inputs from organisations interested in internet governance (IG) issues. APC invites its members and partners to make their voices heard and fill it in before August 31.

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Tweets for Women: Reflections on Challenging Misogyny Online

Digital feminist activists have been following closely a campaign to demand clearer and more effective Twitter policies on sexually violent tweets.

The internet is an important public sphere for advancement of sexual rights

7 August 2013 (FF for APCNews)

Has the internet become an indispensable tool for feminist and LGBTQI advocacy? How savvy are sexual rights activists in handling the legal and technical issues that come along when they use the internet? How do they negotiate online threats and restrictions? Activists from around the world addressed these and other questions through a global online survey.

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APC statement on Bradley Manning: Guilty verdict a new low for US human rights

NEW YORK 6 August 2013 (APC for APCNews)

APC stands in solidarity with Bradley Manning, a whistleblower who has been convicted in a military court on Espionage Act violations after leaking intelligence information on the Iraq War, where he worked in information systems as an intelligence analyst.

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Surveillance in the US: Stop discrimination against non-US persons

NEW YORK 31 July 2013 (BestBits)

APC and other civil society organisations are concerned about the different treatment that the United States gives to non-U.S. persons, who are excluded from existing protections against surveillance targeting. Join them and sign the petition.

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Democracy on Internet

The Internet has become a space for people to express themselves, to dig up information, even mobilizing the masses.

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