APC's vision for future internet governance

Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Anriette Esterhuysen at IGF 2015Anriette Esterhuysen at IGF 2015

On 9 November, Brazil as the host country of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2015 convened a High Level Leaders Meeting aimed at gathering prominent figures in internet governance – selected among all stakeholder groups – to dialogue on the future o

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APC’s “Take Back the Tech!

Take Back the Tech! campaign starts targeting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

21 July 2014
21 July 2014 (Take Back the Tech!) -


What are you doing about violence against women? That’s what we are asking Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Inside the Information Society: ICTs, equality and empowerment - what's really happening?

London [20 June 2016]

*_Each week, David Souter comments on an important issue for APC members and others concerned about the Information Society.

The problem with “development” – linking infrastructure to content indicators


Responding to reports by the special rapporteurs on migrants and extreme poverty at the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, the government of Botswana had something interesting to say. It sai

The role of private actors regarding freedom of expression in the digital age: APC welcomes UN Special Rapporteur's report

13 June 2016 (APC for APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications welcomes the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, which focuses on the critical issue of the role of the ICT sector in the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression. The report will be presented at the Human Rights Council on 16 June.

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Business and digital rights: Taking stock of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights in the ICT sector

By David Sullivan (June 2016, APC )

This issue paper takes stock of the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the ICT sector, using their three pillars – the state responsibility to protect human rights, the corporate responsibility to respect rights, and the need for access to effective remedy when rights have been violated – to explore key issues, implementation gaps, and emerging best practices for technology companies.

A complete analysis of the impact of ICT companies on all human rights is beyond the scope of this paper, which focuses on some of the most salient rights impacted by companies, looking at both civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights. By taking stock of progress made thus far and implementation gaps, this report concludes with recommendations intended to provide a roadmap to move ICT sector risks and opportunities to the centre of the business and human rights debate.

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Internet rights at the Human Rights Council 32nd session

GENEVA 12 June 2016 (Deborah Brown (APC); Deniz Duru Aydin and Peter Micek (Access Now))

The 32nd session of the Human Rights Council is taking place from 13 June to 1 July in Geneva. Internet rights will be discussed coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the Council.

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Written statement by the Association for Progressive Communications on the right to education and the internet

By Association for Progressive Communications (May 2016, APC )
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