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  • The need to build alliances in Ecuador for better spectrum use and regulation

    15 November 2011 (CIESPAL for APC)

    Ecuador’s new constitution has created opportunities for democratising the spectrum based on a renewed vision of rights, and clearer definitions of the competencies required by the bodies that formulate policy and regulations. The priority now are civil society discussions on the legal reforms the new constitution demands says Marco Navas Alvear.

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  • To DVB-T or not to DVB-T? Ghanaian committee must make up its mind

    CALGARY 28 October 2011 (LC for APCNews)

    As West Africa’s fifteen countries migrate to digital TV by 2015, the people responsible for the change-over in Ghana have been struggling to determine which technology to use. Meanwhile the process hasn’t developed much and most Ghanaians have not been informed of this upcoming migration, says the author of new research carried out for APC.

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  • TV white spaces can open up low-cost high-speed internet across Africa: All we need is the regulatory go-ahead

    JOHANNESBURG 13 October 2011 (KAH for APCNews)

    “We have the skills, the entrepreneurs, a spectrum model we can replicate, the standards, the technology and clearly we have the demand” said South African Henk Kleynhans in the wake of a TV white spaces workshop in Johannesburg last week. “All we need is a regulatory go-ahead.”

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  • WSIS Forum 2012: TV White Spaces on the agenda

    PERGAMINO 4 May 2012 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

    From 14-18 May Geneva will be hosting the WSIS Forum 2012, where the Association for Progressive Communications has organised two thematic workshops on May 17th, one of them under the subject Television White Spaces.

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