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What's Invasive! Community Data Collection

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Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) at the University of California, Los Angeles, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, EDDMapS

Participants are invited to locate invasive species by making geo-tagged observations and taking photos to alert of the spread of habitat-destroying invasive plants and animals, using Android mobile phones or an online form. The identified species will be placed on public map and alert park rangers of the spread of these habitat-destroying invasives. The purpose of the What’s Invasive! website and software is to provide scientific data for research and environmental management and also to promote environmental awareness about invasive species. The What’s Invasive! website and software work by collecting location data (via GPS on a mobile device, or via user-input), time, date, and verifying photographs of invasive species.
Invasive species are a threat to native plants and animals, crowding natives, consuming food sources, or acting as fire hazards.What's InvasiveWhat’s Invasive

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open, registration required to participate
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invasive species, data, photos, maps

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