Author Year Title Publishersort icon Languages
Carlos A. Afonso 2011 Spectrum use in Latin America: Summary report of the case studies of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela APC English
GreenNet 2012 GreeningIT inventory APC English
Colnodo 2011 Exploratory survey on the environmentally sustainable ICT use in the ICT for development sector APC English
APC WNSP 2012 Critically absent: Women in internet governance. A policy advocacy toolkit APC
APC WNSP 2011 Voices from digital spaces: Technology-related violence against women (Executive Summary) APC English|Español|Français
APC WNSP 2011 Voices from digital spaces: Technology-related violence against women APC English
APC and CIPESA 2012 Open government data readiness study in Uganda APC English
APC and CIPESA 2012 Assessment of citizens’ perceptions on open governance in Uganda APC English
David Souter 2012 Human rights and the internet - A review of perceptions in human rights organisations APC English
GreenNet 2012 Green-my-tech tip sheets APC Green-my-tech tips 1 - Saving energy|Green-my-tech tips 2 - Buying and disposing electronics|Green-my-tech tips 3 - Getting your org to greenIT|Green-my-tech tips 4 - Energy efficiency|Green-my-tech tips 5 - IT for the benefit of the environment
Henrik Almstrom & Joy Liddicoat 2012 APC submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly APC English
APC and CIPESA 2012 Report on open governance network building in Uganda APC English
Paul Mobbs 2012 A practical guide to sustainable IT APC Section9 - End of life and disposal|Section8 - Maintenance, security and resillience|Section7 - Local and global networks|Section6 - Information storage|Section10 - Reuse and reclamation|Section 11 - Renewable power|Section 12 - Subject index and glossary|Section5 - Desktops: Programs, peripherals and gadgets|Section4 - Operating systems: Making the system work|Section3 - Hardware: Putting the system together|APC a practical guide|Table of contents|Section1 - Introduction – What is ‘sustainable IT?|Section2 - The ecology of information technology
Alex Comninos 2012 Freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association and the internet APC English
APC 2012 APC Annual Report 2011 APC English
APC 2012 Communicating research for influence: Strategies and challenges for bringing about change APC Français|Español|English
2014 APC commends Brazil's historic step towards a Civil Rights Framework for the Internet APC
2014 Turkey violates human rights by banning Twitter APC
Colnodo 2012 Joint Submission on Internet-related Human Rights Issues in Colombia APC English
APC, the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC),, TeleCommunities Canada, Alternatives and Web Networks 2012 Joint Submission on Internet-related Human Rights Issues in Canada APC English

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