Authorsort icon Year Title Publisher Languages
APC 2003 APC Annual Report 2002 APC English|Español
APC 2002 APC Annual Report 2001 APC English|Español
APC 2001 APC Annual Report 2000 APC English|Español
APC 2010 APC's reflections on the Fifth Internet Governance Forum APC English
APC 2010 CSTD Working Group IGF Questionnaire: APC response APC English
APC 2010 APC says, A stand for WikiLeaks is a stand for freedom of information online APC
APC 2010 APC statement: Venezuelan reforms must not affect human rights and freedom of expression on the internet APC
APC 2011 Contribution to the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development five year review of progress on WSIS outcomes APC English
APC 2011 Why should we care about internet rights? Because internet rights are human rights, says APC APC
APC 2011 Open spectrum for development - collected research and articles APC
APC 2011 WikiLeaks: Human rights of whistleblowers under attack, says APC APC
APC 2011 Highlights from APC's contribution to implementation of WSIS goals APC English
APC 2011 How to avoid becoming a cyberstalking victim APC English|Español|Français
APC 2006 APC Internet Rights Charter - Download APC Catalan|Esperanto|Hausa|Khmer|Macedonian|Filipino|Portuguese|Romanian|Russian|Albanian|Urdu|Yoruba|Hungarian|Bengali|Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian|Bulgarian|Français|English|Español
APC 2011 Internet rights are human rights, claims APC before the Human Rights Council APC English|Español|Français
APC 2011 Human Rights Council: Oral statement by APC APC
APC 2011 The mobile internet from a human rights perspective: Collected policy briefs APC
APC 2011 Human Rights Council: APC's comment on human rights with regard to the internet and transnational corporations APC
APC 2011 APC at the Human Rights Council 17th session APC
APC 2011 Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Collected research APC

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