Authorsort icon Year Title Publisher Languages
Mike Jensen 2005 Interconnection costs APC English|Spanish|French
Mike Jensen and others 2013 TV white spaces: A pragmatic approach ICTP
Mitra and Deborah L. Miller 1990 Why the Association for Progressive Communications is different GreenNet and IGC English
Muriuki Mureithi 2008 Business models for equitable access APC Summary by Alan Finlay|Commentary by Seán Ó Siochrú|English
Muriuki Mureithi PhD 2010 Open Spectrum For Development: Kenya Case Study APC English
Namita Malhotra 2007 The World Wide Web of Desire: Content regulation on the internet APC WNSP English
Natasha Primo 2005 The potential of ICT for promoting gender equality Global Knowledge Partnership
Natasha Primo 2010 CICEWA evaluation report APC English
Nicolo Zingales 2013 Internet intermediary liability: Identifying best practices for Africa APC APCInternetIntermediaryLiability_BestPracticesAfrica_20131125.pdf
Nnamdi Nwokike 2011 Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Regional Report WATRA English
Olinca Marino and Enrique Rosas 2011 ICTs and environmental sustainability: Mexico baseline study APC an LaNeta English
Orlando D. Arratia 2009 Bolivia: Universal Broadband Access: Advances and challenges APC English
Pablo Accuosto and Niki Johnson 2004 Financing the information society in the South: A global public goods perspective ITeM English
Partha Sarker and Munir Hasan 2011 ICTs and environmental sustainability: Bangladesh baseline study APC and Bytes for All English
Patrick Kalas and Alan Finlay 2009 Planting the Knowledge Seed: Adapting to climate change using ICTs BCO English
Paul Mobbs 2012 A practical guide to sustainable IT APC APC a practical guide|Table of contents|Section1 - Introduction – What is ‘sustainable IT?|Section2 - The ecology of information technology|Section3 - Hardware: Putting the system together|Section4 - Operating systems: Making the system work|Section5 - Desktops: Programs, peripherals and gadgets|Section6 - Information storage|Section7 - Local and global networks|Section8 - Maintenance, security and resillience|Section9 - End of life and disposal|Section10 - Reuse and reclamation|Section 11 - Renewable power|Section 12 - Subject index and glossary
Policy programme 2008 Statement from APC on the IGF open consultations, Geneva, February 2008 APC
Protege QV 2012 Joint Submission on Internet-related Human Rights Issues in Cameroon APC English
Raquel Escobar Guevara 2009 Ecuador: Inputs from civil society for the formulation of the Communication Law APC Spanish
Rebecca Wanjiku 2009 Kenya Communications Amendment Act (2009): Progressive or retrogressive? APC English

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