APC carries out a lot of research. Why? Because we link research to capacity building, to changed practice, to networking and advocacy. When we undertake research it is usually because we have an underlying advocacy goal. For example, we have worked with local researcher-activists to conduct research on telecomms policy in the Andean region because our long term goal is to bring down the price of broadband there.

The research is then used in broader capacity development: training, building knowledge of the issues, making information available in the public domain. Simultaneously we facilitate participation in policy processes, giving people an opportunity to use and test the research in real policy processes. The other element of this method, which is what we see makes it produce sustainable results, is that we tend to link researchers and other people seeking policy change, supporting the emergence of networks that then often continue on their own.

Title Author Datesort icon Languages
Domestic legal remedies for technology-related violence against women: Review of related studies and literature Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau for the End violence: Women's rights and safety online project Aug 2014
Technology-related violence against women – Recent legislative trends Carly Nyst for the End violence: Women's rights and safety online project Aug 2014
Mapping the ICT policy environment in South Africa Jane Duncan, Alan Finlay, Alexandra Groome, Alex Comninos and Anriette Esterhuysen May 2014 English
Internet intermediary liability: Identifying best practices for Africa Nicolo Zingales Nov 2013 English, English
Internet freedom monitoring in New Zealand Joy Liddicoat Nov 2013
Intermediary liability in Uganda Ashnah Kalemera, Lillian Nalwoga and Wairagala Wakabi Oct 2012 English
Intermediary liability in Nigeria 'Gbenga Sesan Oct 2012 English
Intermediary liability in Kenya Alice Munyua, Grace Githaiga and Victor Kapiyo Oct 2012 English
Intermediary liability in Africa: Baseline studies and summary report Various Oct 2012
The liability of internet intermediaries in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda: An uncertain terrain Alex Comninos Oct 2012 English
Intermediary liability in South Africa Alex Comninos Oct 2012 English
Crest Factor Reduction of an OFDM/WiMAX Network Sheila Mugala, Julius Butime, and Dorothy Okello Jun 2012 English
Application of ICTs for climate change adaptation in the water sector (Executive Summary) Alan Finlay and Edtih Adera May 2012 English
Open government data readiness study in Uganda APC and CIPESA Apr 2012 English
Assessment of citizens’ perceptions on open governance in Uganda APC and CIPESA Apr 2012 English
Report on open governance network building in Uganda APC and CIPESA Apr 2012 English
Human rights and the internet - A review of perceptions in human rights organisations David Souter Mar 2012 English
Spectrum use in Latin America: Summary report of the case studies of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela Carlos A. Afonso Nov 2011 English
Voices from digital spaces: Technology-related violence against women APC WNSP Nov 2011 English
Chakula, an African ICT policy newsletter: Past editions APC Oct 2011

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