APC carries out a lot of research. Why? Because we link research to capacity building, to changed practice, to networking and advocacy. When we undertake research it is usually because we have an underlying advocacy goal. For example, we have worked with local researcher-activists to conduct research on telecomms policy in the Andean region because our long term goal is to bring down the price of broadband there.

The research is then used in broader capacity development: training, building knowledge of the issues, making information available in the public domain. Simultaneously we facilitate participation in policy processes, giving people an opportunity to use and test the research in real policy processes. The other element of this method, which is what we see makes it produce sustainable results, is that we tend to link researchers and other people seeking policy change, supporting the emergence of networks that then often continue on their own.

Title Author Datesort icon Languages
Impact 2.0: New mechanisms for linking research and policy - Technical Guidelines Cheekay Cinco, Karel Novotný Oct 2010 English, Español
Collected news stories on the impact of the APC Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) APC Aug 2010
Violence against women and ICTs: Reports from 10 countries APC May 2010
Without excision and with the youth: Towards an informed African citizenship ENDA Apr 2010 English
EroTICs: The first findings EroTICs Apr 2010
Réforme des télécommunications: Cas du Cameroun Sylvie SIYAM, Serge KUATE, Serge DAHO, Feb 2010 Français
Draft text (11/2009): Code of good practice on information, participation and transparency in Internet governance Nov 2009 English
Bringing affordable telecommunications services to Uganda: A policy narrative and analysis Wairagala Wakabi Oct 2009 English
Paper 2 (05/2009): Mapping the information and participation practice of internet governance entities David Souter Oct 2009 English
Kenya Communications Amendment Act (2009): Progressive or retrogressive? Rebecca Wanjiku Sep 2009 English
A review of telecommunications policy and challenges in Rwanda Albert Nsengiyumva and Emmanuel Habumuremyi Sep 2009 English
Communication for influence in Central, East and West Africa (CICEWA): Collected research and articles APC Sep 2009
Planting the Knowledge Seed: Adapting to climate change using ICTs Patrick Kalas and Alan Finlay Sep 2009 English
Introductory report: Telecommunications Regulation and Broadband Development: Implications for the Andean region Guillermo Mastrini and Carolina Aguerre Jun 2009 English
Bolivia: Universal Broadband Access: Advances and challenges Orlando D. Arratia Jun 2009 English
Ecuador: Wireless Networks for Development María Eugenia Hidalgo Jun 2009 English
Peru: The Battle for Control of the Internet Jorge Bossio Jun 2009 English
Venezuela: NAP: An Opportunity to Improve Universal Broadband Access? Ysabel Briceño Jun 2009 English
Introduction to the Regional Advocacy reports: Universal Access Funds in the Andean Region Hugo Carrión Gordón Jun 2009 English
Colombia: The strategy of opening educational institutions as community internet access centres Jorge Mauricio Escobar Sarria, Olga Patricia Paz Martínez y Paula Andrea Ospina Saavedra Jun 2009 Spanish

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