APC carries out a lot of research. Why? Because we link research to capacity building, to changed practice, to networking and advocacy. When we undertake research it is usually because we have an underlying advocacy goal. For example, we have worked with local researcher-activists to conduct research on telecomms policy in the Andean region because our long term goal is to bring down the price of broadband there.

The research is then used in broader capacity development: training, building knowledge of the issues, making information available in the public domain. Simultaneously we facilitate participation in policy processes, giving people an opportunity to use and test the research in real policy processes. The other element of this method, which is what we see makes it produce sustainable results, is that we tend to link researchers and other people seeking policy change, supporting the emergence of networks that then often continue on their own.

Title Authorsort icon Date Languages
Ecuador: Inputs from civil society for the formulation of the Communication Law Raquel Escobar Guevara Jun 2009 Spanish
Peru: Public strategies for new technologies in rural areas Roberto Bustamante Vento y Maicu Alvarado V. Jun 2009 Spanish
Venezuela: Fund for Universal Service Sandra L. Benítez U. Jun 2009 Spanish
Venezuela: Analysis of the proposal for reforming the Telecommunications, informatics and postal services law Sandra L. Benítez U., Adela Vivas y Luis Germán Rodríguez Jun 2009 Spanish
Venezuela: NAP: An Opportunity to Improve Universal Broadband Access? Ysabel Briceño Jun 2009 English
EroTICs: An Exploratory Research on Sexuality & The Internet - Literature Review Manjima Bhattacharjya and Maya Indira Ganesh Jan 2009
EroTICs: An Exploratory Research on Sexuality & The Internet - Policy Review Mabel Bianco and Andrea Mariño Dec 2008
Consultation to explore building a transnational advocacy network of networks on public policy related to internet governance APC Oct 2008 English
Unbounded possibilities: Observations on sustaining rural ICTs in Africa Ian Howard Oct 2008 English
Advocacy and civil participation in the eLAC process analysis ITeM Sep 2008 Summary, English
Tools and technologies for equitable access Alberto Escudero-Pascual Jul 2008 English, Commentary by Steven Song, Commentary by Carlos Afonso, Summary by Alan Finlay
Capacity building for equitable access David Souter Jul 2008 Summary by Alan Finlay, English, Commentary by Steve Buckley, Commentary by F.F. Tusubira
Policies for equitable access Lishan Adam Jul 2008 Summary by Alan Finlay, Commentary by Willie Currie, Commentary by Amy Mahan, English
Business models for equitable access Muriuki Mureithi Jul 2008 Summary by Alan Finlay, Commentary by Seán Ó Siochrú, English
Equitable access: Papers and commentaries Various Jul 2008 Workshop summary
African blogs on ICT for development Karel Novotný May 2008 OpenOffice spreadsheet, Excel
Evaluation of Wireless Workshops CWCA Karel Novotný Mar 2007 English
The gender digital divide in francophone Africa: A harsh reality (English translation) Marie-Hélène Mottin-Sylla May 2006 English, French
Evaluation report on APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme Debbie Budlender Apr 2006 English
The role of information and communication technologies in the development of African women Jennifer Radloff, Natasha Primo and Alice Munyua Aug 2004 English, French

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