MEF report - LISTO – collaborative project on linguistic diversity in the Internet

Between March 22nd and March 30th, 2010, FUNREDES and Colnodo Staff has met in Bogotá to discuss their collaboration on….

1) Virtual migration of server to COLNODO
2) The collaboration on the LISTO project (FLOSS program for automatic insertion of translation software into various discussion lists mechanisms)

Attached brief report describes main outcomes of the meeting and gives a brief overview of the initiatives on which FUNREDES and Colnodo are planning to collaborate.

- Main highlights:

  • The main challenge for the LISTO project is the transfer of years of experience embedded in the process of development. Decision was taken to develop a formal document for that beyond existing documentation.
  • The meeting inspired a new strategic thinking on the project of FUNREDES to develop a social network 2.0 platform very centered in civil society interest and culture.
  • FUNREDES offers to share their vision of the linguistic diversity thematic which is still in the infancy in our field and subsequently in APC. What will also be shared is the LISTO FLOSS program as a useful tool for APC network…
LISTO – collaborative project on linguistic diversity in the Internet - MEF Report by FUNREDES127.61 KB

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