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APC carries out a lot of research. Why? Because we link research to capacity building, to changed practice, to networking and advocacy. Because the area of information and communication policy particularly changes so fast and is so complex, we often find we have to develop our own resources to analyse and/or demystify the issue because no others exist. Policy issues new to APC are typically first approached by the commissioning of an “issue paper” on the subject to orient us. The views expressed in the papers are those of authors and do not necessarily represent the position of APC.

Titlesort icon Author Date Publisher Languages
Southern African Internet Governance Forum Issue Papers Alex Comninos Aug 2011 APC and SANGONeT Cloud Computing|Mobiles|Privacy|Access|Critical Internet Resources
User-generated content and social networking in the Arab spring and beyond Alex Comninos May 2011 APC English
The mobile internet from a human rights perspective: Collected policy briefs APC May 2011 APC
Policy and regulatory issues in the mobile internet Russell Southwood May 2011 APC English
A human rights approach to the mobile internet Lisa Horner May 2011 APC English
EROTICS: Exploratory research on sexuality and the internet (executive summary) Jac sm Kee et al Feb 2011 APC English
Open spectrum for development: Policy brief Evan Light Jan 2011 APC English
Media brief: Censorship, sexuality and the internet APC Apr 2010 APC English|Español|Français
The Case for “Open Access” in Africa: Mauritius case study Russell Southwood May 2008 APC Français|Portugues|English
The Case for “Open Access” Communications Infrastructure in Africa: The SAT-3/WASC cable Abiodun Jagun May 2008 APC Portugues (Proposta)|Français (Synthèse)|Briefing|Angola|Senegal|Ghana|Cameroon
Building consensus on internet access at the IGF Abiodun Jagun May 2008 APC Spanish|English
The World Wide Web of Desire: Content regulation on the internet Namita Malhotra Nov 2007 APC WNSP English
Digital television and radio: Democratisation or greater concentration? Gustavo Gómez Germano Oct 2007 APC English|Spanish
Convergence for development: Community radio as a digital inclusion strategy Carlos Rivadeneyra Olcese Oct 2007 APC Spanish
The World Summit on the Information Society: An overview of follow-up Karen Banks, Willie Currie and Anriette Esterhuysen Dec 2006 APC English
Digital dangers: Information & communication technologies and trafficking in women Kathleen Maltzahn Nov 2006 APC WNSP Spanish|English
Whose information society? Developing country and civil society voices in the World Summit on the Information Society David Souter Oct 2006 APC Español|Français|English
The importance of convergence in the ICT policy environment Kate Wild Oct 2006 APC French|English
The World Summit on the Information Society: An overview of follow-up Karen Banks, Willie Currie and Anriette Esterhuysen Jul 2006 APC English
Pushing and prodding, goading and hand-holding: Reflection from APC at the conclusion of the WSIS (2006) APC Feb 2006 APC Spanish|French|English

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