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APC carries out a lot of research. Why? Because we link research to capacity building, to changed practice, to networking and advocacy. Because the area of information and communication policy particularly changes so fast and is so complex, we often find we have to develop our own resources to analyse and/or demystify the issue because no others exist. Policy issues new to APC are typically first approached by the commissioning of an “issue paper” on the subject to orient us. The views expressed in the papers are those of authors and do not necessarily represent the position of APC.

Title Author Datesort icon Publisher Languages
Big data and sexual surveillance Nicole Shephard Dec 2016 APC English
Business and digital rights: Taking stock of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights in the ICT sector David Sullivan Jun 2016 APC English|Summary-English|business_digital_Rights_issue_print.pdf|business_digital_Rights_sum_print.pdf
Digital rights advocacy in the Arab world and the Universal Periodic Review Wafa Ben Hassine May 2016 APC English
Digital safety in context: Perspectives on digital security training and human rights realities in the Arab world Reem Almasri May 2016 APC English
Challenges to civil society participation in internet governance in the MENA region Mohammad Tarakiyee May 2016 APC Français|Arabic|English
Ending digital exclusion: Why the access divide persists and how to close it APC Apr 2016 Association for Progressive Communications (APC) English|Español|Español - resumen por Colnodo|Français
Women’s rights, gender and Internet governance Avri Doria Nov 2015 APC
African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms - Background Paper Eric Mazango Mar 2015 APC English
GISWatch Special Report 2014 - Internet rights that went wrong in Turkey APC Sep 2014 APC
Press brief: What are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube doing about violence against women? Take Back the Tech! Aug 2014 APC English
APC priorities for the ninth Internet Governance Forum APC Aug 2014 APC English
Public access: Supporting digital inclusion for all Mike Jensen May 2014 APC, IFLA and TASCHA French - Extended version|English - Abridged version|Spanish - Abridged version|Français - Abridged version|English - Extended version|Spanish - Extended version.pdf
A cyber security agenda for civil society: what is at stake? Alex Comninos Apr 2013 APC English|Spanish|French
Human rights and Internet protocols: Comparing processes and principles Joy Liddicoat and Avri Doria Dec 2012 APC English
Freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association and the internet Alex Comninos Jun 2012 APC English
Voices from digital spaces: Technology-related violence against women (Executive Summary) APC WNSP Nov 2011 APC English|Español|Français
Spectrum for development Steve Song Sep 2011 APC English
Multi-stakeholder participation on internet governance: An analysis from a developing country, civil society perspective Marília Maciel and Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza Sep 2011 APC English
Civil society involvement in ICANN: Strengthening future civil society influence in ICANN policymaking Robin Gross Sep 2011 APC English
Human rights online: New issues and threats Joy Liddicoat Sep 2011 APC English|Español|Français

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