Statements, positions and contributions from the APC

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Submission to the ITU: The Case for “Open Access” Communications Infrastructure in Africa: The SAT-3/WASC cable May 2008
Statement from APC on the IGF open consultations, Geneva, February 2008

The first preparatory meeting for the next Internet Governance Forum (scheduled for December 2008 in India) was held in Geneva on 26 February 2008. APC issued a statement recommending the implementation of regional and national IGFs, using sustainable development as a key theme and advising on the format of working groups to address and follow up on key issues.

Feb 2008
APC statement from the 2007 Internet Governance Forum

The Association for Progressive Communications’ initial assessment of the second Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and suggestions for moving towards the third forum in New Delhi in 2008.

Nov 2007 English
Map: APC networking and collaboration Nov 2007 Map
APC reflections at the commencement of the 2nd IGF

APC’s reflections and priorities at the commencement of the second Internet Governance Forum held in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007. This document includes APC’s assessment of the first forum, held in Athens in 2006, and highlights our priorities for the second IGF.

Nov 2007 English
Pushing and prodding, goading and hand-holding

Reflection from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) at the conclusion of the World Summit on the Information Society.

Feb 2006 English
Monitoring ICT policy in Latin America

APC’s ICT policy projects monitor relevant policy developments at national and regional levels. This involves research, building online content (through websites and e-newsletters) and networks, and implementing capacity-building workshops with civil society organisations.

Nov 2005 English, Spanish
APC's reflections- Multi-stakeholder participation and ICT policy processes (2005) Apr 2005 English
Statement read on financing the information at PrepCom 2 by the APC, Bread for All, CRIS, Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM), IT for Change and the Gender Caucus (2005) Feb 2005 English
Statement of the Gender Caucus Second WSIS PrepCom (2005) Feb 2005 English
World Summit on the Information Society Phase II, Tunis, PrepCom I Report

This report touches on issues such as the human rights and ‘north-south’ agendas, as well as the preparation by civil society in the WSIS process up to 2004. It includes brief observations, suggested discussion points and strategies needed to protect and strengthen civil society participation in the WSIS process.

Jul 2004 English
APC Comments on PrepCom3 (2003) May 2003 English
The Holy Family Communique from African Electronic Communicators

The Holy Family Communique from African Electronic Communicators came out of an APC Africa meeting held in early February 1997. A full report of the meeting is available on the IDRC website.

Feb 1997

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