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Historic report connects our rights and upholds the right to privacy in the digital age

APC welcomes the groundbreaking report “The right to privacy in the digital age”, released yesterday by Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The report affirms that the international human rights framework for the promotion and protection of the right to privacy applies online and that governments have been failing in their obligations.

Jul 2014
Concrete decisions or actions that have been taken as a result of engagement at national, regional and global Internet Governance Forum during its 2011—2013/4 mandate Jul 2014 English, IGF Outputs report_from_APC_010814_Final.pdf
Briefing note: Human Rights Council 26th session Jun 2014 English
Human Right Council 26: The internet and human rights

“One year after the Snowden revelations, the Human Rights Council must recognise that trust in the internet is conditional on respect for the rights to freedom of expression and privacy, regardless of users’ nationality or location”, says a joint statement supported by APC and delivered today in Geneva.

Jun 2014
APC condemns conviction of Egyptian activist and APC partner Alaa Abd El Fattah

APC strongly condemns the conviction of Egyptian activist and APC partner Alaa Abd El Fattah, sentenced on June 11, 2014 to 15 years in prison for organizing a protest. He was convicted in absentia, along with 24 other protestors. Alaa Abd El Fattah is a close partner of the APC network. We call on the Egyptian government to release the prisoners and repeal the draconian protest law introduced in November 2013. We call on the APC community to join the campaign to #FreeAlaa.

Jun 2014
APC condemns arbitrary detention of women human rights defenders in Egypt

APC denounces the arrests of 23 protestors and human rights defenders in Egypt, including the arrest of Yara Sallam, long-time APC partner and human rights advocate. Since the introduction of the protest law in November, there have been a string of actions aimed at silencing dissent in Egypt. APC fully supports the call from Nazra for Feminist Studies to release the human rights defenders and comply with international standards on freedom of assembly.

Jun 2014
Joint statement on WSIS+10 high-level event Jun 2014
APC welcomes Human Rights Council resolution on human rights and the internet The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) welcomes the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution on the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the internet. Adopted by consensus by 82 member states, the resolution affirms that the same rights people enjoy offline apply online. While the APC applauds the links made between the internet and development, the APC also points out areas where the resolution could have been stronger.

Jun 2014 English, English
Submission to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the right to privacy in the digital age Apr 2014 Engilsh
Association for Progressive Communications (APC) statement on NETmundial Apr 2014 English, English
Human Rights Council 25: Oral statement on privacy Mar 2014
Human Rights Council 25: Oral statement on whistleblowers Mar 2014
APC's proposals for NETmundial Mar 2014
Contributions to the NetMundial – Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance

Since its formation in 1990 the APC network and its members have been committed to achieving universal and affordable access to a free and open internet. APC has consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and has participated actively in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and Internet Governance Forum (IGF) processes, driven by the conviction that the internet is a global public good and a vital enabler of social justice, gender equality and human rights.

Mar 2014 Engilsh
Human Rights Council 25: Oral statement on Nigeria Mar 2014
Turkey violates human rights by banning Twitter

APC urges the Turkish government to respect international human rights standards and to immediately cease blocking, filtering and censorship of content and expression online.

Mar 2014
APC commends Brazil's historic step towards a Civil Rights Framework for the Internet Mar 2014
Letter to co-facilitators calling for civil society input into negotiations on WSIS+10 modalities Feb 2014
Contributions to the ITU Strategic Plan 2016-2019 Feb 2014 English
Reflections from APC on the IGF 2013 and recommendations for the IGF 2014 Feb 2014 English

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