Titlesort icon Author Date Publisher Languages
Global Information Society Watch 2016: Economic, Social and Cultural rights (ESCRs) and the internet Various 12/2016 APC and IDRC English
The Working Group on Internet Governance - 10th Anniversary Reflections Various authors. William J. Drake (editor) 02/2016 APNIC, APC,, ICANN and Internet Society PDF English|Ebook epub English|Ebook .mobi English
Global Information Society Watch 2015: Sexual rights and the internet Various 11/2015 APC and Hivos English
Global Information Society Watch 2014: Communications surveillance in the digital age Various 08/2014 APC and Hivos
Global Information Society Watch 2013: Women's rights, gender and ICTs Various 12/2013 APC and Hivos English
Communication rights ten years after the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS): Civil society perceptions Association for Progressive Communications 04/2013 APC English|Spanish|French
Practical Guide for Digital Switchover (DSO) in Cameroon Lishan Adam, Mike Jensen, Steve Song, Russell Southwood (APC and Balancing Act) 03/2013 APC English|French
Global Information Society Watch 2012: The internet and corruption Various 01/2013 APC/Hivos
GISWatch 2011 Special Edition 1 Various 10/2012 APC/Hivos English
GISWatch 2011 Special Edition 2 Various 10/2012 APC/Hivos English
A practical guide to sustainable IT Paul Mobbs 08/2012 APC Section 12 - Subject index and glossary|Section 11 - Renewable power|Section10 - Reuse and reclamation|Section9 - End of life and disposal|Section8 - Maintenance, security and resillience|Section7 - Local and global networks|Section6 - Information storage|Section5 - Desktops: Programs, peripherals and gadgets|Section4 - Operating systems: Making the system work|Section3 - Hardware: Putting the system together|Section2 - The ecology of information technology|Section1 - Introduction – What is ‘sustainable IT?|Table of contents|APC a practical guide
Application of ICTs for climate change adaptation in the water sector: Developing country experiences and emerging research priorities Various 04/2012 APC and IDRC English
Global Information Society Watch 2011: Internet rights and democratisation Various 12/2011 APC and Hivos English
EROTICS: Sex, rights and the internet (An exploratory research study) APC 07/2011 APC English
Global Information Society Watch 2010: ICTs and environmental sustainability Various 11/2010 APC/Hivos English
GenARDIS 2002 - 2010: Small grants that made big changes for women in agriculture APC 09/2010 APC Français|English
Global Information Society Watch 2009: Access to online information and knowledge – advancing human rights and democracy Various 11/2009 APC and Hivos Français|Español|English
The APC ICT Policy Handbook (Second edition) APC/Ed. David Souter 11/2009 APC English
ICTs for democracy: Information and Communication Technologies for the Enhancement of Democracy - with a Focus on Empowerment APC 10/2009 Swedish International Development Agency English
Global Information Society Watch 2008: Access to infrastructure Various 10/2008 APC, Hivos and ITeM Français|English

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