Case Study: The Mozambique Health Information Network (MHIN)

The MHIN case study was selected for inclusion in this toolkit because it illustrates the fulfilment of a number of critical requirements for moving a project from prototype to pilot and eventual sustainable roll-out:
1)The application of an innovative and affordable technology solution involving mobile networks and the use of PDAs by individuals unfamiliar with the use of ICTs, in this case health workers, who are often of an older age and therefore more resistant to the adoption of new technologies.
2)Government commitment to providing better health services to communities, while benefiting from the better availability and accuracy of health data from the field.
3)Cost savings and increased productivity in terms of data collection from districts, including the monitoring of paper-based versus digital data collection systems.
 4)The gradual upscaling of a development project through a collaborative partnership between an NGO (AED-Satellife) and the Ministry of Health, Mozambique.

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