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Moving Around D-Island and Using it for Your Events

For basic orientation in using a SecondLife client and moving in SecondLife (D-Island or any other “place”), view Quick Start Guide developed by the company which is behind SecondLife – Linden Labs.

For specific training materials on moving around D-Island and attending a meeting/conference in one of its venues, visit SecondLife Training Centre which features self-orientation modules for D-Island users in English, Spanish and French. The training center is on D-Island (inside SecondLIfe virtual world) and you can access spaces with mentioned capacity building materials through following links:

You can also view the training modules below or download them as Pdf files for printing, by following the links at the bottom of this page.

D-Island New User Orientation

However, you should really get Inworld (Inside SecondLife) in order for these materials to make sense to you.

APC D-Island New User Orientation - English (Pdf File)555.09 KB
APC D-Island New User Orientation - French (Pdf File)577.46 KB
APC D-Island New User Orientation - Spanish (Pdf File)583.38 KB

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