D-Island - Booking an Event on D-Island

To book D-Island venues for your event, follow these steps:
  • Check the calendar below to make sure that no other large event is planned for the same time, in the same venue.
  • Request access to D-Island by filling out this form. You will be added to D-Island user group and instructed how you can enable attendees to your event to access D-Island.

Your name 

Your organisation 

Your SecondLife avatar's name (don't you have one yet? You will need it for being able to use D-Island. See what you need to use D-Island) 

What meeting you are organising (please describe) 


Expected number of participants


Dates and meeting timeline 


Meeting dynamics (break-out groups, plenary sessions, interactive games, etc.) 


Presentation materials you are planning to show during the meeting (OpenOffice Impress/PowerPoint presentations, videos, websites, etc.) 


Location of participants (regions/countries – needed for assessment of sufficient bandwidth availability. If varied, please provide as much details as you can) 


Hardware and operating systems used by participants (at least give a general outline if you do not have the details). 


Please make any additional comments here. If you refer to particular sections, above, please include the question letter.

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