Annual Reports

  • Douglas and Velcich
    Oct 2015

    Annual audited statements for the 2014 financial year, independently audited by Douglas and Velcich.

  • Douglas and Velcich
    Jun 2014

    Annual audited statements for the 2013 financial year, independently audited by Douglas and Velcich. The management letter is here:

  • Douglas and Velcich
    Aug 2013

    Independentaly audited financial statements for 2012. The management letter from D_V is located here:

  • Douglas and Velcich (chartered accountants)
    Aug 2012

    APC’s audited annual financial statements for the 2011 financial year by Douglas and Velcich, independent auditors based in Johannesburg

  • Douglas & Velcich Chartered Accountants
    Sep 2011

    APC’s annual financial report by independent auditors for 2010.

  • Douglas and Velcich (Chartered Accountants)
    Nov 2010

    APC audited financial statements for the period 01 January 2009 – 31 December 2009.

  • APC
    Aug 2009

    In late 2003 APC gathered in Colombia to define our strategic priorities for the following five years. Like most good APC meetings, the event mixed politics with capacity building, debate and dialogue with dancing, and it was the largest meeting in our history at the time. Looking back over this period in earnest is quite intimidating. We hope that the APC Progress Report for 2004 to 2008 will give you some idea of those challenges and gives us an opportunity to recognise why APC is what it is and why we do what we do – making the world a better place by helping people gain the access, the skills, and the rights they need to work together online.

  • Douglas and Velcich (chartered accountants)
    Jul 2009

    Annual financial report for 2008 by Douglas and Velcich, independent auditors based in Johannesburg

  • APC
    Jul 2008

    “APC is striving to build a more just, plural and sustainable world. One that is richer in diversity through networks facilitated by technology,” says APC’s chair Danilo Lujambio, in his introduction to the APC Annual Report 2007.

    In existence as a virtual community since 1990, APC’s leitmotif is building and strengthening online networks for social change. The 2007 annual report describes the challenges encountered building networks to influence international internet policy so that more people have reliable and affordable access to the internet, networks of technicians who are taking wireless to parts of Latin America where there’s no internet, and networks of women concerned about keeping the internet safe but not censored.

    The report is also available in French, Spanish and Urdu.

  • APC
    Jul 2007

    Training communities to set up wireless internet access points using empty tin cans, “taking back the tech!” to combat violence against women and keeping the focus of the world’s governments on the importance of affordable internet access.

    “APC’s approach to open access is people-oriented. We believe that the information, content and tools found online should be available to everyone. Bandwidth costs less now than ever before,” said executive director Anriette Esterhuysen in her introduction. “The Tunis Agenda adopted at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in 2005 highlighted the importance of infrastructure and recognised the need for more financial resources. But very few international ICT initiatives address the infrastructure gap systematically.” In the WSIS aftermath, APC reviewed the policy terrain, to see what dynamics were coming into play, working to ensure that access and infrastructure were squarely on the agenda of the new Internet Governance Forum, and regionally in Africa, around lowering the cost of connection to the internet.

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