APC is always looking for South-South networking opportunities. While the APC Community wireless project was initially located in Africa, from the outset APC’s strategic uses programme felt that APC should be exploring similar opportunities in other regions.

As a result, a similar project in three regions of Latin America was developed. TRICALCAR (Tejiendo Redes Inalámbricas Comunitarias en América Latina y el Caribe), as the project became known, put emphasis on constructing permanent usable networks that were left to communities who hosted workshops, as well as on developing a strong network of LAC experts and community network administrators.

Three regional workshops in Latin America took place between 2007 and 2008:

  • Peru, Huaral: 16-21 of July 2007
  • Argentina, Rosario: 22-27 of October 2007
  • Mexico: 4-9 February 2008

Tricalcar regionsTricalcar regions

As part of TRICALCAR:

  • A series of training materials were developed, localised into Spanish and published online. A number of Latin American universities run courses based on the materials.
  • Nearly a hundred telecentre operators, academics and other professionals were trained in building community wireless networks
  • Regulatory ICT policy concerning community wireless networks were mapped across the LAC region

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