In 2008 APC launched the new multilingual APC website with an entirely revamped web platform. You are invited to participate through comments, training resources and blogging, just to name a few. Powered by the content management system Drupal, the new APC.org contains new and improved content in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. It is intended to better serve the ICT for social justice and development communities. New functionalities have been added and the navigation is of a completely different calibre.

APC.org: Time for change

APC’s website continues to be one of the most visited in its field on the internet. In 2006, APC.org received more than 500,000 unique visitors accessing more than three million pages. It’s a site that attracts people from all over the world. The most visitors come from the USA, with Brazil and Colombia in third and fifth place respectively. Brazilians accessed over a quarter of a million pages on the APC site in 2006.

APC.org has been providing original content in English and Spanish since 2000 and was, prior to this redesign, last redesigned in 2002. While we work consistently to improve the quality and quantity of our news, articles and resources, the previous site’s structure was quite limited and not really adequate for a virtual community that needs to be able to easily share information.

That’s why, throughout 2006, we carried out deep research and planning for a new APC.org website, one that will reflect APC’s work, our field and the network as it is today and for the next four to five years. The process to produce the specifications for the new website was arduous and took the best part of the entire year. The new website is based on priorities identified by numerous different users through surveys and other analyses. These included tens of pages of “user scenarios” which charted the routes (successful, frustrated and roundabout) that site visitors took to get to the information they wanted, as well as personal interviews and a public survey in English and Spanish.

The designers of the new website were selected following a competitive call made in December 2006 to APC members who are website developers. The successful bidders chose a free software content management system called Drupal on which to base most of the site. Several APC members are already active or would like to be more so in the Drupal community, so we hope that the new APC.org will provide APC as a whole with a major opportunity to become more familiar with the system and contribute to its ongoing development.

APC in French: Information about ICTs for social <br />
justice and development will reach a broader <br />
audience, especially in Africa. Image: Wikipedia.APC in French: Information about ICTs for social
justice and development will reach a broader
audience, especially in Africa. Image: Wikipedia.

APC.org in French and Portuguese from 2008

In 2006, we also recruited people with the skills to effectively run the four new APC.org websites, which will be in English, Spanish and – for the first time – French and Portuguese.

Moving into French as been a long-time goal for APC. During 2006, we laid the groundwork for the launch of the new APC.org and a monthly newsletter in French (APCNouvelles) in 2008 by hiring French-speaking staff, recruiting quality translators for our freelance team, and producing a quadrilingual glossary of ICT terms and other language resources for our writing teams. These new staff are also involved in networking within and beyond APC with the French-speaking community.

The Portuguese site is a limited version of the other APC.org language versions, though it will provide all the most relevant information about APC and our work. “For a long time RITS had been trying to broaden the ICT4D debate in Portuguese. As part of this effort, we realised that an APC.org in Portuguese – with its high-quality news and cutting-edge ideas – would enrich the discussions going on, and open them up to the more than 210 million people who speak Portuguese”, explains Paulo Lima, director at RITS, an APC member in Rio de Janeiro. APC will coordinate the new site with support from RITS, who were instrumental in proposing the idea of an APC.org in Portuguese in 2005.

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