APC updates groundbreaking "internet rights" charter


“The internet can only be a tool to empower the peoples of the world if a number of crucial rights* are recognised, protected and respected,” states Association for Progressive Communications (APC) in a new charter for internet rights.

APC’s charter was first developed by APC members and partner organisations at “internet rights” workshops held in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa in 2001-2002. APC’s new charter revised in November 2006 includes a section on internet governance the focus of recent UN summits and our position that the internet is a global public good.

An essential reference for anyone concerned about the freedom of the internet and ‘internet access for all’ nationally and internationally.

Read the “APC Internet Rights Charter”: http://rights.apc.org/charter.shtml

Download the charter: http://rights.apc.org/documents/apc_charter_A4.pdf

Spanish and French charters available by the end of November 2006.


*Theme 1 Internet access for all

Theme 2 Freedom of expression and association

Theme 3 Access to knowledge

Theme 4 Shared learning and creation (free and open source software and technology development)

Theme 5 Privacy, surveillance and encryption

Theme 6 Governance of the internet

Theme 7 Awareness, protection and realisation of rights

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Source: APC
Date: 11/06/2006
Location: MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
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