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The Express Tribune , Pakistan
03 April 2011

[…] Activists like Fariha Akhtar are working to curb violence against women through Information and Communication Technology. Akhtar is associated with a global campaign called “Take Back the Tech” whose aim is to make women worldwide aware of their rights and responsibilities on the web. A common response from women who have been bullied online is to withdraw from using technology. Fariha strongly advocates against such an approach, instead encouraging women to take ownership of technology and use it to speak out against abuse.

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Newsline Magazine , Pakistan
21 March 2011

[…] Take Back the Tech (TBTT), a global campaign to end gender-based violence against women by reclaiming the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technology), is about using technology to empower women (read more about TBTT in the archives on newslinemagazine.com) – and the digital storytelling format does that. In a digital story, the storyteller makes use of, and mixes “words, pictures, music” for impact, to narrate his/her story. Currently up for viewing is one such story titled ‘My body, My country.’ Blogs, which almost seem to be a traditional medium in comparison to the digital format, use the good old-fashioned tool – writing – for storytelling.

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Phnom Penh Post , Cambodia
08 March 2011

[ … ] The Open Institute Organisation in cooperation with the Ministries of Women’s Affairs and Education and other NGOs has launched a campaign to use information communications technology to reach women through radio shows, cell phones and the internet.

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Inter Press Service (IPS) , Manila , Philippines
04 January 2011

…While modern innovations have made lives easier for millions of women worldwide, they have also led to a rise in cases of electronic violence against women or ‘eVAW’… “Violence against women is mutating because of technology,” says Cheekay Cinco of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). “The Internet has opened up private lives into new avenues of potential violence.”

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SABC Radio , JOHANNESBURG , South Africa
08 December 2010
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Inter Press Service (IPS) , YAOUNDÉ , Cameroon
06 December 2010
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IPS , Karachi , Pakistan
25 November 2010
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Inter Press Service (IPS) , South Africa
19 November 2010
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Sunda Inquirer Magazine , Manila , Philippines
13 November 2010
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IPS News , Denmark
14 January 2010

The audience, a group of committed women – and men -, had gathered in Rome to discuss this widespread emergency and the role media have in relation to it in a conference organised by the IPS news agency and supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the city of Rome.[…] Communications rights should be part of these efforts, said Jac SM Kee, coordinator of Women’s Rights Advocacy in the Association for Progressive Communications.[…]

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APCNews , Costa Rica
13 January 2010
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Spider Magazine , Pakistan
07 January 2010

On November 25, online media, including different blogs and social networking websites, roared ‘Take Back the Tech!’, echoing the plight of several people from across the world supporting the international movement, ‘Take Back the Tech! 2009’. This campaign is a 16-day yearly effort, aimed at promoting gender neutrality in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It primarily focusses on ending gender-based violence, and encourages female ICT users to use technology to end violence against women.[…]

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iTWire , Australia
22 November 2009

A wide-ranging three-hour session on critical Internet resources at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Sharm El Sheikh this week made clear the continuing points of global friction when it comes to how US involvement Internet control is perceived by its critics.

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The Independent , Uganda
15 September 2009
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afrol News , Africa
22 July 2009
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Deutche Welle , Germany
22 July 2009
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Business Report & Independent Online , South Africa
21 July 2009
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The Independent , Uganda
15 July 2009
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Radio France International , USA
10 May 2009
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