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21 Dec 2004
"Connectivity is a term referring to the means by which people are connected to or are able to access communications channels such as the internet, email, computer and people networks." The theme for this year's Hafkin Prize recognises community initiatives that use the internet and other digital communication networks to access markets, skills and opportunities to derive real economic benefits. The CRITERIA by which entries will be judged by our international jury include: 1. Positive economic...
12 Oct 2004
APC condemns the actions by US and European law enforcement agencies to seize independent online news service Indymedia’s web servers, which has led to the closure of more than 21 of the more than 140 Indymedia web sites worldwide since October 7. “We are disturbed by the apparently arbitrary and extreme measures taken to silence an independent internet-based source of information,” said Anriette Esterhuysen, APC’s Executive Director. “This is a violation of freedom of expression across international frontiers...
05 Oct 2004
Karen Banks of the APC’s Women’s Programme (intellectual property regimes, media control, and the struggle of communities to access frequency allocations for radios and audiovisual work. In Latin America the network is engaged in work with local telecentres and public access centres to ensure women and men benefit equally in access to and use of public resources. “Karen has been working in the ICTs for development sector for a decade and a half and played a key role in providing email to campaigners and...
27 Jul 2004
Kenya's new Minister of Information and Communication, Hon. Raphael Tuju, has announced his support for the liberalisation and advancement of ICT policy in Kenya following a week-long ICT policy advocacy workshop in Nairobi. The multi-stakeholder workshop – which ran from 19–23 July – brought together some of the most influential ICT policy stakeholders from civil society organisations (CSOs), the private sector and the media from nine African countries. These stakeholders worked together throughout the workshop...

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