Case Study: Nepal Wireless Networking Project

The Nepal Wireless Networking Project serves as an excellent example of how a community-based project can be implemented with few resources, but through a display of local leadership and vision was able to challenge existing policy frameworks to allow for the use of innovative technologies to

Community Module: Overview

community_module_overview Implementing Projects at the Community Level: Overview Paper

Tina James, icteum consulting, South Afri


Advocacy Strategies and Aproaches Module

Case Study: Grameen Gyan Abhiyan Rural Knowledge Centre Movement

Grameen Gyan Abhiyan (Rural Knowledge Network) is a multi-stakeholder alliance advocating the use of ICTs to empower rural communities through the establishment of rural knowledge centres. This case study illustrates planning, implementation and development of a mass movement-oriented advocacy campaign to bring ICT access to rural India.

Case Study: Community Radio Development in Nigeria

This case study reports on five years of advocacy for policy change in Nigeria to enable the establishment of community radio services. It has been included in the toolkit as an illustration of the challenges of campaigning for ICT policy change. At the time of writing there is still no community radio in Nigeria.

APCNews 110 – Broadband in Rwanda, rural internet and Latin American women

  • APCNouvelles 110 – Large bande au Rwanda, internet rural et femmes latino-américaines

  • APCNoticias 110 – Banda ancha en Rwanda, internet rural y mujeres en América Latina

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    APCNoticias – 29 de octubre de 2009 – año X – edición número 110
    El servicio de noticias de APC sobre internet para la justicia soc

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