Case Study: São Paulo Telecentres Project

casestudy_GCA This case study is about the involvement of RITS (Rede de Informacão para o Terceiro Setor) – a Brazilian civil society organisation involved in ICT policy monitoring and advocacy – in setting up comm

Case Study: Some Lessons From India

India is known as an IT powerhouse but still has the greatest number of poor people of any country in the world. India’s experience with policies for digital inclusion therefore may offer some useful lessons for other developing countries. This case study provides an analysis of the ambitious Common Service Centres (CSCs) scheme of the National e-Governance Plan.

APC launches GreeningIT online directory

SOFIA 11 October 2010 (Evgenia Tasheva for APC)

The GreeningIT directory was officially launched today, marking the first open online database of resources that focuses on the intersection of ICTs and environmental sustainability. The directory aims to gather and present a comprehensive annotated list of initiatives, tools and online communities, featuring both innovative and traditional applications of ICTs to address climate change, environmental issues and the environmental impact of ICTs.

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APCNouvelles 130 – Surveillance en Europe, nouvelle resource TI verte

APCNouvelles 130 – Surveillance en Europe, nouvelle resource TI verte
APCNouvelles – 11 octobre 2010 – Année XI Édition 130
Le service d’actualités sur l’internet pour l‘équité et le développement durable

Dans les dernières dix ann

APCNoticias 130 – Cambios en el programa de políticas, vigilancia en Europa - 11/10/10

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APCNoticias – 11 de octubre de 2010 – año XI – edición número 130
El servicio de noticias de APC sobre internet para la justicia social y el desarrollo sustentable
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En los últimos diez años la gobernanza de internet se ha tornado un tema central “debido a la creci

APCNews 130 - Surveillance in Europe, new green ICT resource - 10/11/10

APCNews – October 11 2010 – Year XI Issue 130
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development
The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada is one of APC’s earliest and most visionary supporters.

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