APCNouvelles 111 – APC au FGI, nouvelles publications

APCNouvelles – 16 novembre 2009 – Année X Édition 111
Le service d’actualités sur l’internet pour l‘équité et le d

APCNews 111 – APC at IGF 2009, New publications

  • APCNews 111 – APC at IGF 2009, New publications

    APCNews – November 16 2009 – Year X Issue 111
    The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development


    community_module_resources Implementation of Projects

    Nepal wireless networking project: case study and evaluation report. 

    Case Study: Nepal Wireless Networking Project

    The Nepal Wireless Networking Project serves as an excellent example of how a community-based project can be implemented with few resources, but through a display of local leadership and vision was able to challenge existing policy frameworks to allow for the use of innovative technologies to

    Community Module: Overview

    community_module_overview Implementing Projects at the Community Level: Overview Paper

    Tina James, icteum consulting, South Afri


    Advocacy Strategies and Aproaches Module

    Case Study: Grameen Gyan Abhiyan Rural Knowledge Centre Movement

    Grameen Gyan Abhiyan (Rural Knowledge Network) is a multi-stakeholder alliance advocating the use of ICTs to empower rural communities through the establishment of rural knowledge centres. This case study illustrates planning, implementation and development of a mass movement-oriented advocacy campaign to bring ICT access to rural India.

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