Pakistan: Religious intolerance and impunity nurture killing field

By Bytes for All, Pakistan, (B4A), the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) and APC (April 2017, )

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Open software movements, open content, free culture: Where are the women?


In 2011 a study by GroupLens revealed the gender imbalance on Wikipedia, and there was an outpouring of articles in the global media about the notorious absence of women in the world’s largest virtual encyclopedia. At that point the Wikimedia Foundation set in motion an ambitious plan to try to incorporate more women.

I want to be a Pokémon master

Aguascalientes, Mexico

I am AkiConterR and my companion is a “Pidgeotto” who I call “Pid”. I belong to Team Mystic; I am on level 7 and I have 53 Pokémons (72, actually, but some of them I transferred).

Access and beyond: Navigating the gendered cyberspace

Cape Town, South Africa

Affordability is one of the primary barriers to internet access, and particularly to optimal use. Knowing this fully from our previous research, Research ICT Africa (RIA) conducted focus groups in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda in November 2016.

APC seeks experienced finance associate

12 April 2017 (APCNews)

The successful candidate will join the APC finance team with the responsibility to carry out specific financial and administration tasks under the supervision of the finance manager. The deadline for applications is 28 April.

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APC is looking for a publications and multimedia coordinator

12 April 2017 (APCNews)

APC is looking for someone with a background in strategic communications, multimedia design skills, and experience in coordinating the production of print and digital publications to join its communications team. The deadline for applications is 25 April!

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Measuring women's rights online in the Philippines

11 April 2017 (APC for Foundation for Media Alternatives)

How do we measure women’s rights online? Even if women have access, what kind of environment are they able to access online? Are digital spaces safe for women? These are some of the questions APC member Foundation for Media Alternatives addressed in its digital gender report card on the Philippines’ progress in closing the digital gender gap.

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Inside the Information Society: Marking Mark’s card. A comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto

London [10 April 2017]

*_Each week David Souter comments on an important issue for APC members and others concerned about the Information Society.

APC statement on emerging tension between corporate interests and users' digital rights

9 April 2017 (APC for APCNews)

APC is concerned over the adoption of encrypted media extensions (EME) by the main international standards-setting body for the web, the World Wide Web Consortium, a controversial move which would lead to excessive information controls and introduce security vulnerabilities.

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APC IMPACT call for national research consultant: Research on criminalisation of expression on the internet

8 April 2017 (APCNews)

APC is undertaking research on the criminalisation of expression in India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Myanmar, and is calling for civil society organisations, researchers and lawyers from each of the abovementioned countries to carry out the research. The deadline for applications is 21 April 2017.

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