APC's new member, CITAD, in the words of a founder

7 August 2015 (APCNews)

Nigeria’s Centre for Information Technology and Development comes with an enlightening vision: “A knowledge-based democratic society free of hunger.” As CITAD joins APC, read its story in the words of one of its founders, Yanusa Ya’u.

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ICTs for Feminist Movement Building: Activist Toolkit

By Just Associates (JASS), the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Women'sNet, with illustrations by Donovan Ward (August 2015, APC/JASS/Women'sNet )

This toolkit aims to assist activists to think through their communication strategies in a way that supports movement building. It offers a practical guide to writing a communication strategy and reviews a number of tools (ICTs) and technology-related campaigns which can be used in organising work.

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APC Statement of Solidarity with Netzpolitik Journalists

4 August 2015 (APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) decries the now suspended treason investigation into Netzpolitik journalists Markus Beckedahl and Andre Meister.

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APC Annual Report 2014

By Association for Progressive Communications (July 2015, APC )

APC’s Annual Report for 2014 highlights the achievements of our membership and organisation towards securing and defending internet access and rights, fostering good internet governance, strengthening use and development of transformative technology, ending technology-based violence against women and girls, and strengthening APC community networks. Dozens of stories from around the world provide a look back at APC’s most significant moments in 2014.

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Nomination to GEM-TECH Awards 2015 closes today!

This is the second edition of the annual joint ITU and UN Women Award to celebrate outstanding people and entities who champion gender equality in the field of ICTs. In 2014, APC’s “Take Back the Tech!

Perspectives #01/2015: #GameChanger - How is new media changing political participation in Africa?

By Various (July 2015, Heinrich Böll Foundation Southern Africa )

How is ICT use changing African societies? To what extent are ICTs fostering inclusive and participatory democracies? To what degree do they reinforce existing political and social institutions, practices and exclusions? The articles gathered in this edition of Perspectives capture the complex and plural ways in which Africans are attempting to use ICTs to democratise democracy on the continent, the challenges they face, and the valuable lessons learned.

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The Istanbul Convention brings the most complex view on the issue of violence against women

The Istanbul Convention is a legal document that was presented by the Council of Europe in 2011.

APC welcomes appointment of UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy

17 July 2015 (APC for APCNews)

APC welcomes the appointment of Mr. Joseph Cannataci as the first United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, which was announced on 3 July. Cannataci’s appointment is a historic step to address the right to privacy at the global level.

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Storify: More Imagine a Feminist Internet!

Ladder of Hierarchy: how gender matters in internet governance


In the Gender and Internet Governance Exchange (gigX) workshop last month, we, participants from different countries — Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, were asked to arrange these words on a “ladder of hierarchy”.

Ladder one

  • Married man
  • Unmarried man
  • Married woman, un

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