What do the treaties say?

UDHR article 20

Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

ICCPR article 21

The right of peaceful assembly shall be recognized.

Point of View, APC's new member in India: “We're kindred spirits – we care about the same things”

PERGAMINO 24 May 2016 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

APC welcomes Point of View as a formal member of the network. We interviewed Bishakha Datta, the co-founder and executive director of Point of View, to know more about their motivations to become members and their expectations.

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An open internet versus social media shutdown

On 12 May 2016 Uganda suffered another social media blockade. That day was also the presidential swearing-in ceremony. Of course it’s no coincidence that these events have collided on the same day. The ban was effected on the evening of Wednesday, the eve of the ceremony.

Take Back the Tech! wins the 2016 Womanity Award for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence

20 May 2016 (The Womanity Foundation)

Take Back the Tech! campaign and Luchadoras/Sandia Digital (Mexico) won the 2016 Womanity Award for the Prevention of Violence Against Women. The TBTT campaign was selected by an expert panel including Womanity President Yann Borgstedt, Diana Barran, Chief Executive of SafeLives, Ceri Hayes, Director of Gender Matters, Abir Oreibi, CEO of LIFT, and Jane Seager, Counsel at Hogan Lovells LLP.

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Digital rights advocacy in the Arab world and the Universal Periodic Review

By Wafa Ben Hassine (May 2016, APC )

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How can the internet help realise the right to education? The South African case

16 May 2016 (Andrew Rens)

As part of our research project Connecting your rights: Economic, social and cultural rights (ESCRs) and the internet, scholar Andrew Rens has produced a paper that focuses on the role of the internet in providing educational resources in South Africa.

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Case study: The right to education and the internet in South Africa

By Andrew Rens (May 2016, APC )

Source: UNICEF South AfricaSource: UNICEF South Africa

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Inside the Information Society: After WSIS – Looking back or looking forwards?


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