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ICT & environmental policies: Challenges in India
APC talks to Osama Manzar of Digital Empowerment Foundation in India about their findings from a new research on e-waste in India.
ICTs, the environment and development in Bangladesh
APC talks to Farjana Akter of VOICE in Bangladesh to find out more about what the key value of ICTs is when it comes to the environment, and what the challenges are.
ICTs and the environment in Bangladesh
APC talks to Munir Hassan of Bangladesh about how ICTs are helping with environmental issues, and the challenges they present.
Lilian Nalwoga (CIPESA) on ICT policy and the environment
During the ICTs, Climate Change and Development workshop held on Jan 22 - 24 in Johannesburg, APC took a few moments to speak with Lilian Nalwoga about the challenges related to ICTs and the environment and the value they bring.
Where Your Laptop Comes From
An animated short detailing the journey of a laptop over its lifetime and the global consequences.


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