APCNews Service - June 19 2008 - Year IX Issue 81

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APCNews Service – June 19 2008 – Year IX Issue 81
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development
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APC is back in your in-box after a six-month absence with a new-look APCNews and a new website. The new format incorporates suggestions from the hundreds of readers who participated in a survey we conducted last year. From now on we will be producing shorter newsletters, more often, in text or html format, and in French for the first time ever. We hope you like it! Please send your comments to: apcnews@apc.org.

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Young but experienced Cambodian NGO joins APC

MONTREAL (FD for APCNews) – APC welcomes its new Cambodian member, Open Institute. “We see ourselves as facilitators,” explained Chim Manavy, executive director of the start-up NGO. “We facilitate communication, knowledge-sharing and gender equity through the strategic use of ICT and of the Khmer language”. What this means on the ground, is easy to understand when one takes a look at the track record of OI’s colleagues.

Battlefield internet: Belarusian civil society active despite censorship

MINSK (Pavel P Antonov for APCNews) – Zelyonaya Set is an environmental NGO based in Belarus. APCNews interviewd one of the organisation’s activistis, Irina Sukhy, on the challenges that civil society is facing is that part of the planet. Read how, against the backdrop of censorship and limitation attempts, e-networking has become a powerful instrument.

Mobile phones and poverty reduction: Can this shortcut work in Latin America?

MONTEVIDEO (Natalia Uval for APCNews) – Mobile phones can be the way into the information society for lower income people and less developed regions. Some structural factors help: mobile phones do not require either electricity or special training and the costs of connectivity are much lower than those of landline telephones.

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APC study
African submarine cable SAT-3 sustains monopolies

Cyber Island
Mauritius leads Africa in low-cost internet

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