Take Back the Tech!

Take Back the Tech! logo. Image: APC WRP.Take Back the Tech! logo. Image: APC WRP. The root cause of violence against women lies in unequal power relations between men and women in almost all facets of life. The field of ICTs faces the same gender disparity. Violence against women, which takes place in the home or on the street, is now taking new forms and occurring in online spaces.

Women are becoming targets of cyber-stalking or digital voyeurism. Images of women are being posted on the internet without their knowledge or consent. And in the hands of tech-savvy domestic violence abusers, spyware and GPS are used to track and control women’s mobility.

During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence each year, the APC WRP calls for everyone – especially women and girls – to Take Back the Tech! and reclaim technology for the fight against violence against women – using cell phones, instant messengers, blogs, websites, digital cameras, email, podcasts and more.

Initiated in 2006, the campaign creates awareness on how ICTs are connected to violence against women, strengthens the ICT capacity of women’s rights advocates, creates original and varied content and is building a community to strategise around eliminating violence against women through digital platforms.

Campaigners have created their own local “Take Back the Tech!” initiatives in different parts of the world, advancing advocacy and priority issues on violence against women and ICT in specific contexts. They have translated materials in Malay, Czech, Spanish and Portuguese, with new language resources coming in every day.

During the campaign, bloggers are also invited to join ka-BLOG!. For those new to the blogosphere, tutorials and how-to guides share how to start a new blog and how to tag.

Beyond the 16 days campaign, “Take Back the Tech!” responds to current alerts and events, including International Women’s Day and the “Stop Cyberbullying” initiative by blogger-networks.

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