Photos from and about APC projects.


The APC Africa ICT Policy Monitor’s primary goal is to enable African civil society organisations to engage in ICT policy development processes in order to promote an information society based on social justice and human rights.


In 2003, APC launched our first ICT policy handbook “for beginners” to critical acclaim. ICT policy was a relatively new area and very few really understood what was actually involved. The APC handbook was the first comprehensive guide for non-technicians. In late 2009, APC published an entirely rewritten second edition free and online for anyone to download.


In 2008 APC launched the new multilingual APC website with an entirely revamped web platform.


The APC Betinho Communications Prize was launched to mark APC’s tenth anniversary in 2000, and to recognise and document outstanding examples of how the internet can make a real difference for the world’s communities today.


CATIA was a three-year project to enable Africans to gain maximum benefits from the opportunity offered by ICTs and to act as catalysts for policy reform.


CILAC is an APC project and network which is conducting research that will identify obstacles to universal affordable access to ICT infrastructure in the Andean sub-region.


Study on women, the internet and sexuality


The Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) small grants fund was developed in 2002 to support work on gender-related issues in ICTs for agricultural and rural development in the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions.


GEM is a guide to integrating a gender analysis into evaluations of initiatives that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social change.

14 is a website for women’s movements, ICT advocates and policy makers who want to ensure that ICT policy meets women’s needs and does not infringe on their rights.


This annual watchdog report from APC and the Third World Institute, launched in 2007, monitors commitments by governments and the United Nations on the information society.


For the APC policy programme, 2006 was a year of transition.


The Hafkin prize was established to honour Dr. Nancy J. Hafkin, a true pioneer of networking, and development information and communications in Africa, over the course of a twenty-three year career. APC’s objective is to recognize African ICT efforts, and to extract some of the lessons learned in order to make them accessible to others doing related work.

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