Post TBTT GenderIT edition in numbers

Attaching the statistics report of edition that was launched both in English and in Spanish after TBTT campaign.

Some highlights:

  • The edition was distributed via bilingual (English and Spanish/Portuguese) newsletter to over 429 subscribers, and via both Twitter accounts to more than 960 followers, as well as to over 1400 women’s and human rights defenders/activists, IGF participants, CSO’s members, journalist and content providers, as well as policy-makers.
  • 19,064 visits came between 18 December 2012 – 18 January 2013.
  • Most visitors came from South America, followed by Northern America, and Southern Asia.
  • Top 3 countries from which the readers accessed the website were United States, Argentina, and India.
  • It is worth noticing the high number of new visitors (77.48%) against the returning visitors (22,52%) during the considered month.
  • Content featured:

English edition: 4 analytical articles, 3 resources and 5 feminist talk posts

Spanish edition: 4 artículos analíticos, 2 recursos y 4 conversaciones feministas

Most read article in English: The online world might be scary, but it can be a place where we empower one another, by Jennifer Thorpe

Most read feminist talk in English: A facebook status can get you arrested faster than killing someone now” by Rafia Shaikh

Most read article in Spanish: Dime qué red social usas y te diré cuál es tu lucha, by Florencia Flores

Most read feminist talk in Spanish: Acoso callejero y tecnologías, nuevas respuestas a viejos problemas, by Florencia Flores

  • 112 websites referred to in the reported period, generating 774 visits.
  • Partners and members engaged/featured in the edition: Bytes for All, Pakistan, Colnodo, Colombia, Mexico, and Democratic Republic of Congo.
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