APCNews 174 – Why you should use FOSS, UN and internet rights one year later – 08/10/12

APCNews – October 08 2012 – Year XII Issue 174
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Internet and the UN Human Rights Council: The good, the bad and the road ahead

WELLINGTON (Joy Liddicoat for IRHR) – It’s been a year of increasing debates about theinternet and human rights among governments in the UN. Read this account of the main developments since 2011 and the challenges ahead.

Focus on internet and human rights in Argentina: Interview with Nodo TAU

JOHANNESBURG (Alan Finlay for APCNews) “The main issues that should be focused on in Argentina today are freedom of expression, access to information and free circulation of culture,” says Nodo TAU in an interview related to a forthcoming report they wrote for the Global Information Society Watch.

Focus on internet and human rights in Pakistan: Interview with Bytes for All

JOHANNESBURG (Alan Finlay for APCNews) – “The media in Pakistan has been tardy to address threats to internet freedom. This has especially been the case with the Urdu media. There is little to no coverage of internet rights violations and bans imposed by thegovernment of Pakistan on the electronic media,” says Bytes for All in an interview related to a forthcoming report the group wrote for the Global Information Society Watch.

Open source software an important political action, says APC member

DETROIT (LC for APCNews ) – APCNews speaks to Jamie McClellan, director of member organisation May First/People Link about the political importance of using free and open source software. Listen to the interview.

Internet revolutionaries and conservatives meet once again

MONTREAL (FD for APCNews) – During three days at the end of September, the Colombian capital Bogota was host to the Latin American and the Caribbean fifth preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). A tale from the Latin American and Caribbean preparatory meeting to the Internet Governance Forum.


Internet Governance Forum in Azerbaijan, 6 – 9 November 2012

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